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Jul 22, 2008 01:22 PM

Gourmet's New Recipe Layout

What do you guys and gals think of Gourmet's new layout for the recipes in the back of the mag. I find it pretty disjointed, like to hear what others thoughts are..

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  1. I really dislike it. What could possibly be the reason for doing it this way, other than to allow people to rip out the recipes easily and throw out the rest of the magazine. I have already emailed to tell them how much I hate it, and encourage others to do so as well. Hope they will go back to the normal way.

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    1. re: NJcook

      For whatever reason, I was predisposed to dislike it, and when I got to the article about Dan Barber, and saw the photos, I wanted to see the recipes right there, without having to flip to the back, so that I could read what was in the dishes. However, I did appreciate that they included a photo of each dish in the recipe section. Still, I think I prefer the old way, particularly since there are lots of other recipes strewn throughout the magazine in other sections.

      1. re: MMRuth

        I too liked the photo included w/each recipe and that they were mostly all in one section -- guess I'm the exception!

        1. re: Sarah

          No, I liked it too! I hate having to flip through the magazine finding recipes, especially when the articles are "continued on page __". I thought this was a really nice change, and I love having a picture right above. I will say that I tend to be the minority here in all things related to magazines though! I also thought the photography in the main articles was beautiful.

    2. I just got an email from Gourmet in response to my complaint about the new layout. They are going back to the original way in the next issue. They must have gotten a whole lot of negative feedback to reverse course that quickly.

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        It is funny that this was brought up. I was just looking through this months issue and I actually glanced at the cover to make sure I was not reading a travel magazine. I miss real cooking magazines, that actually talk about how to cook and then have recipes

        1. re: Miami Foodie Girl

          I received the August issue of Gourmet yesterday, and I have to agree with Miami Foodie Girl. I know I sound grumpy, but I don't buy food magazines to read about politically correct farming practices. Nor do I enjoy the travel articles when they cover, for example, Mongolia. I remember the good old days when food magazines featured photo spreads of sumptuous meals accessorized with antique tableware. But I do appreciate the recipes in Gourmet; they almost always work well.

          1. re: henri cat

            Got to agree. Im becoming fed up with this magazine. I do think this subscripition will not be reviewed- moving on to Fine Cooking.

            Some just seems flat out condescending- for example, the article on the hippie chocolate producer that just preaches his genius. "Dont eat breakfast, eat bars of chocolate" Are we not supposed to see the agenda there? Its a shame- they really have fallen off.

          1. re: NJcook

            Thats good to know..... When I was in the hospital last spring, someone bought me the Rachael Ray magazine. Not to be snarky, but the set up had sorta the same mojo...

          2. I am glad they are going back to the old format, I really like seeing the recipes in the context of the article. For me, reading the recipe is part of the story they are telling. I think "disjointed" is a good way of describing the experience.

            For similar reasons, I have been enjoying the articles in this month's issue. Again, the recipes are part of the story the article tells about life in Mongolia, or New Mexico, or upstate New York. I enjoy reading about food in the context of culture and politics. Food for me is a window into other people's lives and perspectives, something that crosses boundaries and allows bonds to be formed. I don't even mind the agendas that come along with some of the articles. I may not agree with everything that is written, and I may find some of the articles annoying, but they always make me think and react and examine my own views on the subject. Plus I have the recipes to try.

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              I also appreciate that they do discuss real issues regarding food instead of just giving me 18 ways to use processed cheese food... off topic I know...