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Jul 22, 2008 01:17 PM

What's new---and good---on the shore?

Next month we'll be heading out to spend the week in Chadwick Beach with my parents. We'll be hitting our favorite, Lenny's Pizzaria in Lavallette, but we're always looking for something new & good---especially seafood. Don't care about the decor, ambiance or liquor offerings---we just want good chow! Anywhere from Point Pleasant to Seaside Park. Toms River and Bricktown OK, too. Thanks!


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    1. re: MGZ

      Thanks, but I was one of the people that responded to that topic. My family has been spending the summers there for the last 50+ years. Is there anyplace NEW and noteworthy?

      1. re: Anne

        Anne - As for new and noteworthy, you might want to try Theresa's South. It is located at 530 Main Avenue (Route 35) at the corner of Mount Street in Bay Head, NJ. Phone (732) 892-1555. It's located in space formerly occupied by the old Heatwave Cafe/Bay Head Bistro. I've not been but early reviews seem promising.

        1. re: Anne

          Sorry, Anne I missed the connection. I'll try another suggestion - Mi Mexico on 35 South in Point Pleasant. It's not exactly brand new, but you might not have noticed it last summer. Good, simple Mexican food.

      2. Though not primarily seafood, you'd do well to come inland a bit and try out El Familiar in Toms River on Route 166 (about 2 miles north of Route 37). It's a clean, friendly BYOB Columbian restaurant - excellent food, reasonable prices.

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        1. re: newfie29

          Thanks! These all sound interesting. I'm especially interested in El Familiar---I've only had Colombian food once, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Do they have some seafood dishes?

          1. re: Anne

            They have some fried fish entrees - red snapper, trout, tilapia, and porgie (!). They also have a shrimp with garlic sauce, and a seafood combo that contains shrimp, scallops, mussel, clams and calamari.

            Trust me - the menu is extensive and you'll want to try a bit of everything! Enjoy your vacation!

            1. re: Anne

              I'm a big fan of their camarones a la diabla: shrimp in a chipotle sauce with onions and tomatoes. A bit spicy and addictive. Their oxtail soup, although not a seafood dish, is highly recommended, too.

              1. re: njfreqflyer

                El Familiar is a well kept secret in Toms River......try the Enpanadas, the
                Pork Tinga (Spicey Shredded Pork) is awesome, Carne Helgado (Thin sliced Steak on top of Arepa ( Cornmeal Pancake w/Scallion/Tomato & Onion), Sancocho Seafood Soup, Shrimp Quesadilla are to die for as are the Mountain Platters.......Oh man now I gotta go eat there again this weekend Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

                For desert try the Ice Cream with Sweet Chips!

          2. Went to Theresa's last night and overall it was a mixed bag. For apps we tried crab cakes, carpaccio, bbq ribs, and eggplant. The ribs were very good with a peanut mole, the crab cakes were very bready, the carpaccio was fresh but the plate was very busy, very hard to appreciate the true flavor, and the eggplant was paper thin covered with melted mozz. Just an ok start. We then all tried different pastas, basically because I was afraid that a $23 grouper would be IQF. I had a special that was tasty of rigatoni with grilled chicken, portabellos, spinach and tomatoes. My husband had linguini with white clam, I honestly thought they gave him the wrong pasta when I tasted it, there was no clam taste at all, very heavy use of pancetta, tomatoes, spinach, he said he did find a clam or two. Not a dish to repeat. My daughter had penne vodka, again, not too good, but our son's simple rigatoni marinara with fresh mozz was quite good. Desserts we only had two, the profiteroles and creme brulee, I don't think they were made in house, but they were ok. So even with my so so review I am sure we will go back, it is very close to home and way better than Tardi's or Spano's. All of the pasta was served al dente without having to ask, and that alone is a good thing! I am still waitng for atrue gem at the Jersey Shore!

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            1. re: shorebilly

              Shore - Its funny you mention Theresa's as a few of my officemates dined there last night as well. They commented that they generally enjoyed their meals with standouts including: the eggplant "pizza", calamari, the grouper special, a pork tenderloin and a rigatoni special. I look forward to trying Theresa's very shortly.

              1. re: bgut1

                We ate at Theresa's last night after deciding not to wait 2 hours at Atlantic Bar and Grill. Clearly 2 very different places and perhaps my head was too much in AB&G to objectively enjoy Theresa's.
                We arrived w/out reservation, as they don't take them but do allow call aheads, and were told a table for 2 just got their check so it would be just a few minutes.
                There is a coffee bar area and the hostess suggested we have a seat and wait so we did. Then I noticed 2 other parties of 2 being seated so I approached the desk and saw that my name had been crossed off the list. Very odd. A different hostess returned and I pointed out that my name was off the list but yet I was not seated and she replied "do you want me to seat you now?"
                We were seated at a table for 2 in the smaller room, not at a banquette table thankfully.

                It took a long time for a server to approach us. When she did she opened our wines and after pouring his my husband noted there was something stuck to the glass. When the waitress returned to take the order I asked her for another glass. Waited at least 10 minutes for it then asked her for it again.
                There were no water glasses on the table and had to ask her for water. At other tables I noticed San Pellegrino which our waitress never offered to us.
                Bread came eventually with 2 small butter packages. Bread was very non descript.

                My husband had a special soup which he enjoyed and I had caesar which is average. Husband had gorgonzola topped filet which was listed at market price which I don't understand ($27.95) and I had Gemelli with sausage.

                I did enjoy my pasta dish. Beef was ordered medium but was slightly undercooked but it was tasty.

                Dessert was banana bread pudding which was very good.

                We don't live that close to Bay Head and I'm not sure I'd drive over there just to go there. If I was closer I'd likely try it again.

                1. re: mbw1024

                  mbw1024 - Thanks for the review. Please let us know what you think of AB&G when you finally get a chance to try it.

            2. Your posting is from July but for the benefit of other's, I'm going to add Ferrara's in Point Pleasant for delicious Italian Food/Fresh Italian Cookies & Pastries in a delightful setting (they have a Pastry counter in front).

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              1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

                Really??? The place is always empty! I ate there once about a year and a half ago. It was a party of about 18 and they served everything family style. The problem was the food was down right nasty! All of us left hungy and about half of us went to Frankie's afterwards for a burger because the food at the party was sooo bad.