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Jul 22, 2008 12:46 PM

Eye of Round steak?

I have two smallish (about 1/3 lb each) eye of round steaks. What's the best way to prepare them for dinner tomorrow? I am guessing they will need to be tenderized somehow, so any suggestions?

I'd really appreciate something that doesn't add a lot to the calorie count, if it is at all possible. For sides, I was just planning to do something with broccoli and brown rice.


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  1. In 5 ounces well trimed eye of round you probably have about 150 calories per serving (plus whatever you add in the preparation and cooking process) so I wouldn't consider it a high calorie entree. A strip of bacon wrapped around each piece, secured with a toothpick and using about a tablespoon of butter in the pan for browning and leaving to simmer for a short time brings it to somewhere around 300 calories - that's about what you'd find in a bowl of boxed breakfast cereal with low fat milk. A full cup of steamed broccoli and a half cup of brown rice brings the total to less than 600 calories in the meal. That works on my diet ... and it's pretty tasty. You could build this up to 1000 calorie pretty quickly if you aren't careful about what goes on the rice and broccoli.

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      I discovered eye of round when looking for the leanest cut of beef out there -- and this is indeed it. I"ve had success with two modes of cooking. First, for a roast of a pound or more:

      1) trim all excess fat (if any remains) from the roast
      2) pat the sides with salt and pepper. A better option is to get Mrs Dash, which adds even more flavor without any additional calories. Believe me, coating the outside with Mrs Dash makes a huge difference
      3) sear the roast on all sides in a frying pan, then transfer the entire pan to the oven and bake on lower heat (325) for at least 1 hour.
      There are charts as to how long to cook the roast based on its weight. However, I always find you have to add more time, not less, in order to avoid the very center being raw.

      The second option is for eye of round steaks -- I've seen these in the stores lately, the same exact cut of meat only pre-sliced. These can be seared in a frying pan, but the slow roasting option (even in a frying pan) allows the meat to tenderize rather than becoming tough.

      Also, it is great to let the meat rest before and after cooking to let the flavors settle in. I wouldn't take cold, refrigerated raw meat and put it right in the pan, or you'll shock it :-).

      For side dishes: you could also do a stir fry of red and green bell peppers, or steam green beans or steamed broccoli as your side. I dont go for rice, but that's another option. This dishis one of THE BEST meat dishes you will ever taste, and it is VERY low in fat and VERY high in protein and iron, which we need! Cheers and happy eating!

    2. This cut is what my teenager consider "steak" since he dislikes the fat and gristle on "real" steak. I do it two ways.

      - Seasoning salt and garlic powder bother sides, slip under the broiler, turning when meat looks just starting get a crust. Watch the edges as they can get done and too dark. I cook it on a double layer piece of foil, sort of crinkled so it does not sit in its own juices and fold the edges of the foil over the edges of the meat once the edges are done. When both sides have a nice finish I move away from the flame and let finish in the hot oven.

      - A riff on The Pioneer Woman's steak bites. Chop into bite size pieces and sprinkle with seasoning salt, garlic powder, and worchesteshire sauce. Toss into a hot pan that has had just a hint (maybe a tsp) of butter melted in it. Turn with tongs as one side browns. Cooks literally in 2 minutes or so.

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        Hey, folks; this post is almost a year old. But I guess the topic is general enough to invite new input.

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          Eye of round deserves all the input it can get! :-)

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            Yes - it would be great to hear more methods. I have 3 sacrificial eye rounds that I need to devour tonight.

            Thanks for the Mrs. Dash Idea Katerina. I might try that..

            Any other methods would be appreciated =)

        2. I’m curious on this subject as well. Recently mistakenly bought 2 very small eye roasts (~1 lb each) at Costco instead of chuck roasts.

          Attempt #1: I used a method I found on allrecipes ( that calls for a very hot oven, a very short roasting time (mine went for 10 min) and a long sit in the oven as it cools down. This is supposed to make a “deli-like” roast beef that is great for sandwiches. Unfortunately, I don’t have a meat slicer and was unable to cut thin enough slices that my beef was still quite chewy, although had a great simple flavor and was still pink and juicy.

          Attempt #2: was thinking of slicing into steaks (hence this thread). Any tried and true ways out there? The cooking times of eye steaks are all over the place. Obviously the lack of fat doesn’t lead it towards slow cooking/braising, but I’m used to cooking a steak for 3-5 min a side, so an hour in the oven makes me uncomfortable!

          1. I make steak au poivre with eye of the round...sear it in a really hot CI pan, add a lot of pepper, deglaze with brandy and swirl in a little cream. I know it would be better with a strip or a ribeye, but this is small, not really much fat (I am talking a tsp or two of sauce on the meat), and not expensive.

            1. Slice it thin, pound it out, julienne into matchstix, and then use it in a stir-fry with veggies.

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                Probably the best idea. Eye of round is just too lean for my tastes :/

                Sometimes Vietnamese use it in pho. Instead of tenderloin, eye of round can be used as the "tai"

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                  Even without the julienne, this is what I would do. Cook it quick and hot. To me, eye of round is NOT steak.