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Jul 22, 2008 12:24 PM

Recommendations for Family Wedding Dinner?

We are looking to hold a family wedding dinner in the Bucks County/Lower Bucks County area. Our guest list will be from 50-75 people. I would really appreciate any recommendations you could give me on places with *good* food for a group of this size. Thank you!!! JM

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  1. go to slate blue in doylestown. food excellent, service impeciable. no place in new hope area for sure. we know. we starve here. if you need a personal chef, let me know. i know a great one.

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      raisse, can I get the contact info for the personal chef you know? Trying to plan a small gathering. Thank you!

    2. I'm wondering if JustEat by Browngold could do it. Very nice atmosphere, great food, probably the right size for you to take over the restaurant. It's bob.