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Jul 22, 2008 12:21 PM

Vegetarian Fat Free Recipes???

Looking for some lively vegetarian fat free recipes.....the ones I am making now are getting monotonous and BORING. I do occasionally eat fish/seafood.
Would really appreciate some ideas!! Many thanks!

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  1. Here's a Web site I've bookmarked but haven't totally checked out. Hope you find some ideas.

    1. I'm assuming you mean no added fat...
      Here are some of my favs:

      cold barley and yogurt salad with garlic and dill (boil barley, drain, salt, non fat yogurt, minced garlic, dill, salt and pepper to taste)

      'toasted stir fry' - cut onions, veg, garlic, ginger, pepper, etc, thinly, scatter over toaster tray, spray with oil spray, toast until all nice and crispy. tofu cut into fine shreds (think like trident gum size slices) works v. well like this. serve with brown rice

      polenta/tomato/poached egg. make polenta with some fennel seeds. make tomato sauce, poach egg in it. obviously, better with a dribble of olive oil and/or parmesan

      my one pot wonder: itty bit of oil, cumin, bay leaves, coriander, cardamom, and onions until nice and fragrant and brown. add brown basmati and daal and salt and enough liquid to cover. at way end, stir in green peas and fresh spinach and tomatoes, etc. top with thinly sliced onions marinated in lemon juice

      i've done weight watchers on and off over the past year. a little oil is ok, just not too much.