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Jul 22, 2008 12:19 PM

Best Halibut in a Cambridge/Boston restaurant?

So, this is a tough one because a lot of the restaurants with terrific halibut have changing menus. But, my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and there is nothing she loves more than good halibut - so I was wondering where I might take her where she can get the best darn halibut in the Republic of Cambridge (I'd venture to Boston if it's worth it)?

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  1. Oh, do venture to Boston. The halibut at Hamersley's Bistro is divine and it is on their summer menu. "Spicy Halibut and Clam Roast with Bacon Braised Greens, White Beans
    and Black Trumpet Mushrooms 35"

    And, taking her to this this classic Boston gem of a restaurant will also make her feel special and spoiled.

    Here's their site to peek at the complete menu

    I have a photo of the halibut clam roast dish here:

    1. Well, I haven't eaten them all so I don't know who has *the best* but I have to tell you, the halibut I had last night at Oleana was perfectly divine. It was a pristinely fresh piece of fish wrapped in grape leaves with some sort of saucy thing in there too and the two of us who ordered it were positively moaning it was so delicious. We too were celebrating a birthday and it was a very nice place to do that. The 3 of us were having so much trouble deciding between the 6 pret a manger choices that we ordered all 6 and that was really fun and interesting as the spicing in each was different and complimentary.

      1. Rendezvous in Central Square has a halibut ceviche as an app. Fresh, light and delicious.

        1. I recently had a great halibut served with a wonderful mushroom risotto at Euno in the North End. Don't know if it's always on the menu or not.

          1. Too funny - I was just extolling the virtues of the halibut at Pigalle, which we enjoyed tremendously a few weeks ago. While not in Cambridge, Pigalle is at an easy-to-find location in Bay Village (Charles Street South) - and usually we find parking over there as well.

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              Hamersley's and Harvest.

              Hmmm, maybe it's just an H thing?