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Jul 22, 2008 12:09 PM

need a breakfast mtg location in culver city

I'd like to meet for breakfast with a group of 4-6 coworkers each week before work (we start @ 8:30 or 9) and not be too far from downtown (we work near the helms bakery building). Does anyone have any suggestions for a good breakfast joint? Open to any end of the spectrum.

Please no discussion of la dijondisguisting or whatever it's called. S&W is just way too iffy on service and food quality. Surface is underwhelming and uncomfortable for casual discussion. Why on earth doesn't tender greens do breakfast!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I know not everyone likes the place, but Ugo does breakfast now. I went once and had some sort of frittata that wasn't bad. Good coffee, too. And unlike after the sun sets, it is pretty quiet at breakfast time. It might just be your best bet in the area.

    There's also M Cafe, but I've never been for breakfast and tofu scrambles aren't for everyone... Don't know how "macrobiotic" your crowd's willing to go.

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      I went to Ugo once for breakfast and was disappointed even though I didn't expect much. I like runny eggs, but my sunny side up egg was just TOO runny. The bottom of the white had just barely set and the top was just a liquidy mess of egg snot.

    2. Try the Newsroom on Robertson or John O Groats on Pico or Cafe Laurent on Overland

        1. I second the vote for M Cafe's new Culver City location, particularly if you're pining for Tender Greens breakfast -- it's a similar type of healthy but seriously yummy food, and the space is big enough, clean enough, and quiet enough for a meeting...

          1. S & W has been pretty great for me. Grand Casino is another option. If you want to get further away, Bloom on Pico and Curson can be good.