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Jul 22, 2008 12:02 PM

If you had a choice, where would you eat? Jean Georges or Gordon Ramsay?

It's my husband's 30th birthday in August and I wanted to surprise him with dinner at a fantastic restaurant so I've narrowed it down to 2. Jean Georges and Gordon Ramsay. I'm having a hard time deciding what he'd like so I wanted to ask for some help from people that have been to both of these restaurants sometime this summer and what they ordered and recommend and prices if they can. My husband went to culinary school so he has a seasoned palate but hasn't had the pleasure yet of much fine dining in NY so I want him to be really pleased.

Jean Georges - a 3 michelin star restaurant but I hear dessert doesn't end the meal with a bang which to me is disappointing. Do they have an array of fair wine bottle prices?

Gordon Ramsay - I've only heard good things about this place so far and it IS a 2 michelin star restaurant and I hear his Prestige Menu is pretty solid but could I pass up Jean Georges to eat here?

Thank you!

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  1. Hi shutterbabe,

    What a tough choice! I love both restaurants and it will be a hard pick for myself as well. IMO, I will pick Jean Georges for lunch and Gordon Ramsay for dinner. I found Jean Georges to be a better experience at lunch than dinner because you can pick and choose their stronger dishes (or your preference based on ingredients), while at dinner, not every dish in their tasting menu excited me. I may be biased in the sense that JG has more Asian influenced components and essences in their dishes, and coming from Asia my tastebud may be a little more critical when these ingredients are used.

    Gordon Ramsay provides a more even dinner experience, which dishes all in great to excellent range. If you have dined in establishments like Per Se, you may not find GR's dishes to be cutting-edged, but they are all perfectly prepared, meaning your fish or meat is just cooked right without being too rare or overcooked, sauce perfectly seasoned, all beautifully presented. I really like their flavor profile, but that could be a personal thing.

    I certainly won't say JG's desserts is the weak part of the meal. In fact I think their desserts are excellent. That said, the famous bon bon cart at GR is hard to bypass (and a highlight of the meal). JG also has their famous homemade marshmallow cart, but the bon bon cart beats it in this round.

    So may be I will ask: is your husband into Asian and subtle flavors? If so, JG may be a better fit. Otherwise, for dinner, I will suggest GR. or may be JG for lunch and GR for dinner for an ultimate celebration? :D

    Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope you two have a wonderful time!

    1. I have an office in NYC and I really enjoy Jean Georges.
      Gordon Ramsay is very good but I like the wine list better at JG.

      1. I agree, touch choice. I ate at the chef's table at G.R and recently had the summer tasting menu at J.G. Both were excellent meals. If I had to pick I'd say that I had an over`all better dinner at G.R but m favorite dish was from J.G. I do have to say, IMO, the desserts at G.R. were much better than J.G. I have a wicked sweet tooth and always have to have dessert. I was unimpressed with the "citrus" dessert at G.J. They did have amazing marshmallows though. If dessert was the deciding factor it would be G.R.

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        1. re: misnatalie

          I have been to both restaurants in the last year (GR more recently) and I agree with misnatalie, While there was one dish at JG that blew me away, the overall meal at GR was better. There were no weak courses. Service was a little more refined at JG, but friendlier at GR.

          And I thought the desserts I tasted at JG were awful. We were given three of the tasting plates of desserts. They look interesting and sounded interesting, but the flavors were not great. However, if you get the prestige menu at GR, you may want to ask for a different dessert. I took what they gave (I forget what it was) and liked everyone else's better than mine.

          Honestly though, you can't go wrong with either. Have a GREAT time and please report back to us about what your visit if you can!

          1. re: BW212

            I do agree with the service to be a bit more refined at JG.
            I don't do dessert so I cannot comment but the wine list is incredible at JG.
            I look forward to your report.