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Jul 22, 2008 11:46 AM

Channelside and Downtown Tampa

does anyone have any opinions about Oishi Sushi or Gallagher's in Channelside? What about Thai Thani? Or Tap's or Malio's downtown?

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  1. Thai Thani did a nice pad thai and quickly - on the fourth of July. Kudos in my book.

    1. I've been to Malio's a couple of times and found them to be inconsistent. I don't feel that they have the goods to back up their attitude and price structure. Have not tried Taps, but my husband did last week and really liked it (and he tends to set the bar rather high).

      1. I've been to Malio's three times (only at the insistence of others who work downtown with me...I would not keep going back on my own), and have found the food to be inconsistent. IMO, they don't have the good to back up their attitude and price structure. Have not tried the others, although my husband checked Taps out last week and was impressed.

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          I'm not a Gallagher's fan at all. I was taken there by people with more money than me for a work thing. It has a pre-fabbed, chain stuffy steak house feel and the stakes were nothing special, and the wine list was boring.