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Jul 22, 2008 11:39 AM

Lunch in Hudson NY this Saturday!

I've looked at the many reviews of restaurants in and around Hudson, but they mostly mention dinner and I've got a requisite other than good food (equally important). I'm meeting family that I haven' t seen in quite some time (decades) so we need a restaurant where we can sit and talk and look at photos and eat and talk and look at more photos. I know that this is "high season" in the area, but I've got to believe that there is a restaurant that fits the bill. Thank you all in advance.

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  1. My post isn't showing up (if it does later, this is repetitive), but in case I don't come back to this - check out Monteverde on bear mountain, perfect

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      I appreciate your reply, but Cortland manor is about 90 minutes south of Hudson. I need a location a little closer, but I will look into it for another occasion.

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        I was in Hudson lst year and ate at a Mexican restaurant called Mexican Radio. I thought it was quite good and they nice iced drinks.

    2. i'd suggest mexican radio...i'm not knocked out by it (though i know a couple friends who swear by the one in nyc - which is very similar), but it fits your want for decent food in a laid back, we won't get kicked out if we're there a while, atmosphere.

      1. I'm not a fan of Mexican Radio. I think the food is mediocre and overpriced, but if you like Mexican it is the only game in town. My preference for lunch in Hudson is Ca Mea. They have a beautiful garden and if the weather doesn't cooperate the interior is lovely too. They will not rush you. The northern Italian food ranges from sandwiches to pastas to full main courses and is reasonably priced and quite good.

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          i agree with this, but I would tell any restaurant you have in mind that you and your newly reunited family plan to linger a while. It shouldn't be a problem since Ca Mea is large and not very crowded during the day.

          Another good restaurant is Swoon Kitchenbar, right across the street from Ca Mea.

        2. Our favorite French Bistro is in Hudson- Le Gamin at 609 Warren St. You'll have a wonderful lunch there. Terrific crepes, great salads and cafe au lait to die for. Completely authentic down to the indifferent service:-)