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Jul 22, 2008 11:37 AM

Dinner Wednesday night; Tomi Kro or Gio's?

Having an early dinner tomorrow,( with a chef ) in the Queen and Coxwell area. Should we go to Tomi Kro or Gio's? What dishes are not to be missed? Price is not an issue.

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  1. I like Gio's. I haven't been to Tomi Kro. I had the avocado/tomato salad, a big meatball (I can't remember the exact name, but you'll see it on the menu) and gnocchi. Both the salad and meatball were very good. The gnocchi was not good as it was gluey in texture, however, out of the several dishes that four of us ordered, it was the only dud. There was another pasta dish that my friend had that was very good. One had a pulled pork dish that looked succulent.

    1. Hmm, I live around the corner and go to both fairly regularly. Gio's is more fun/noisy, with well-executed simple Italian fare. Tomi-Kro is more stylish and intimate, with an Asian-influenced tapas-y menu - and more expensive than Gio's.

      Since price is not an issue my vote is for Tomi-Kro, especially if you have a chef in tow. The food is a little more adventurous and chef-driven and the attention to detail solid. Two dishes not to be missed would be the Miami short ribs and lobster maki balls.

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        I live in the nabe also. Been to both but have to say, personally speaking, we enjoy Gio's more. The food is consistently good, great atmosphere and staff will go out of there way for you. I feel like Tomi Kro is the sleazy uncle to Gio. Having said that, their foie gras brulee is killer.

      2. Can't go wrong with either of them, but as per childofthesorm, they offer different experiences. If it's just for well-executed food, go to Tomi Kro. If atmosphere is important and you can manage the odd ho-hum dish, try Gio's.

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            Thank you all for the recomendations. Unfortunately, the movie we wanted to see after dinner was sold out at the Beach theatre, so we ended up eating near the Scotia Bank Theatre, at the Niagara Street Cafe,(full review later.)
            Hopefully, we will get to try Tomi Kro or Gio's sometime soon!

          2. Too late I know, but while there were a few things on Tomi Kro menu that were divine... Does Prosecco count??? I must say the lobster maki ball (OMG!), but even though I didn't pay, I thought the prices were quite steep. Over-priced always impacts my opinion. It just doesn't seem worth it. I've never gotten Gio's, sorry. Even though I think Gio's is a sham, I agree with Millygirl's comment that Tomi Kro is like Gio's sleazy uncle.. Very accurate and funny. So in the end, I wouldn't reco either.

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              I picked those two restos because they were close to the Beach Cinema at Coxwell and Queen Street. Where would you go in that area Moimoi?

              1. re: dragonflygrl

                The Italian place right across the street from the theatre is pretty good -- Casa Di Giorgio

                Casa di Giorgio
                1646 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1G3, CA

                1. re: JamieK

                  That spot is ok if you're in the mood for red-sauce Italian, it's very old-timey. The patio is nice for people-watching.

                  Beach Cinema, I would hit the Tulip for a steak!

                  1. re: childofthestorm

                    I've heard good things at Amuse in the Beach. Failing that, we'd probably go for a quick fallafel at Queen Pita if stuck eating in that area.