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Jul 22, 2008 11:16 AM

St Lawrence Market?

I've been to wonderful Toronto about 10 times and have never gone to the St. Lawrence Market. It's time I went! Can you describe the market to me? I will be visiting in Oct. from Sat.-Monday. Which would be the best day to go? What time is best?...lunchtime? Is there a web site that describes the market? Thanks Toronto Chowhounders

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  1. Saturday, very early; it gets going by 6AM. Go hungry, as there is a lot of good snacking there, including the famous pea meal bacon on a Kaiser. There is no farmers market on Sunday, and it's closed Monday.

    1. I always go on Saturdays around lunch-time as I like to shop and visit Mustachio's for their over-sized Eggplant sandwich. This is big enough for two but I usually finish one myself :)

      Upstairs has cheese shops, seafood, butchers, produce vendors, counter-service prepared food vendors, a bakery, and some dealers selling kitchen gadgets. Downstairs has some specialty shops, another bakery, a coffee roaster, more counter service. Way, way too much to list.

      Don't try and eat at one spot though. Try and sample as much as you can. There's so much good food to be found.

      1. You are in for a treat, the St.Lawrence market is arguably the best place for foodies in the city. If you want info you can go to their website . Their are 2 parts to the market, north and south. The north market is only open on Saturdays and is worth checking out. I recommend going on Saturday between 7 and 9am. It does open at 5am but I find many of the vendors especially in the north market are not prepared to help customers and are still setting up their booth until about 6 and thats to early for me. Between 7 and 9 there isnt a whole lot of people there so you can get what you want quickly and ask questions which most vendors are very helpful and knowledgeable. After 9 the place becomes a little crazy with locals and tourists. The south market is the best! I recommend getting a peameal bacon sandwich which is native to Toronto and has been around for over a century. Carousel Bakery has the best peameal sammy IMHO. Also many consider Mustachio's veal and eggplant sammy downstairs at the south market a treat. There is always a huge lineup so be prepared to wait a couple minutes. Accross from Mustachio to the north is a place with great brownies and the best Blondies in TO IMHO. I'm gonna post more recommendations as I remember them since Im going on Saturday and I tend to forget things because there is so many things that are sooo good.

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          sometimes on Saturday's Carousel's sandwiches are dried out since they precook them for the crowded rush, which is why i get mine at Paddingtons take-out area, which is along that same aisle as Carousel's. Paddingtons takes longer to get the sammy, but it is fresh cooked.

        2. In the summer, I always bring a huge cooler filled with ice blocks I make at home. That way, if I buy meat, fish or cheese, I drop them off in the cooler before snacking.

          1. You're in for a treat. It's a great place.

            Go early on Saturday morning if you can. Where are you staying and do you have access to a stove or grill??