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Jul 22, 2008 11:16 AM

Palm Springs rec?

Will be there one day and night.
Looking for any unique places, locals hangout, casual, great food, atmosphere a bonus.
What about lunch on the go? Any great recommendations for that?
Good authentic cap, coffee, cafe au lait or neat diner for breakfast.

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  1. The local coffee shop is Koffi

    For lunch Sherman's Deli or Manhattan in the Desert

    Dinner it really depends on your budget, for casual Matchbox Pizza, Las Casuelas, Look (gay mostly).

    1. I second the Sherman's and Matchbox idea. Matchbox also has some great happy hour deals until 7pm every night.
      If you have the budget for an expensive dinner, I recommend Citron at the Viceroy. I hadn't been in a few years and wasn't sure about it since it got mixed reviews on chowhound, but we needed an upscale spot for a birthday dinner this past weekend and found out that Copley's (where we had planned to go) had closed early for the summer. We had a wonderful meal. The filet mignon and the wild salmon entrees were the best. Also the truffle fries and manilla clams appetizers were fantastic.
      The atmosphere and decor is totally Palm Springs and you can take a nice walk around the hotel grounds afterwards. If you don't want to drop as much money on dinner, just go for drinks and appetizers at the bar.

      1. A lot of places that are the most unique are unfortunately closed for July and or August. If you are there before the end of July, I like Philippe’s for casual dinner or a relaxing breakfast. New breakfast place on the north end is Cheeky’s – I haven’t been there yet but heard it was good. Local downtown coffee place is Peabody's and Koffi is on the north end. Jake’s Ready to Eat is relatively new and I have heard good things about them for lunch as well. Dinner with creative $$$$ upscale menu I go to Johannes. This website has most restaurants downtown Palm Springs listed,

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          Thanks, I will definitely check it out. We actually don't mind picking something up for take out and having it poolside at our modest hotel (no restaurant). Does that change anything?

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            Oh how about Rick's on Indian Canyon? They have a great breakfast. Great huevos rancheros with homemade salsa and Cuban specials for lunch.