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Jul 22, 2008 11:07 AM


Sometimes I have to try several times just to get onto the site. I just tried posting a reply and it was so incredibly slow, I gave up. There are still delays in posts showing up. The site is very slow in general. And all the other problems others have mentioned. I'm using a T1 line, and have zero problems with every other website. These have been ongoing problems for awhile now. Please just fix it.

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  1. proxy errors are back.
    sometimes clicking on a link will "load" a blank page.

    1. I was thinking about starting a post to the Chow techies about this too. Come on Chowhound this site is soooooooooooo slow, there are problems posting, replies take ages to show up, sometimes the first page shows old posts, the proxy page shows up, it is getting so irritating that I have started to give up looking at posts and am concerned if I write a long reply that it won't even post at all. I do not know of a slower website and one with so many problems as Chowhound.

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        If I have a long post to write, I first type it in Notepad, then copy & paste in the reply box of whichever thread I'm replying.

        But all your other concerns are mine too. This morning especially. Posting has really become frustrating.....

      2. The site has indeed become a lot more difficult to use. I have tried 4 times in the past 30 minutes just to post one reply to no avail. Errors have increased to an average of 50% of page loads this morning. I appreciate the work the technicians are doing, but it would help to have some sort of ETA on repairs like a light at the end of the tunnel while dealing with the site in its current state.

        1. I understand your frustration -- the moderators and I all feel the same frustration. And so do the Engineers for that matter. Instead of getting to spend their time improving the site, they are dealing with all the errors that are being generated and coddling the servers day and night just to keep them going; they want the problems fixed as much as anyone else.

          They are working on these issues, but if these were problems that they could easily find the source of and fix, they'd have already done it.

          -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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            Ironically I got an error in trying to respond. We all appreciate the hard work of the engineers! Thanks for keeping at it! Hopefully this will all get sorted out soon.

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              FYI, I have fiber optics 20ms up and 20ms down, and things are slower than when I had dial up 20 years ago! But I have absolutely the same problems when I go to a CNet site. If I want to try a shareware program, I refuse to do it from C-Nt!

              Which brings me to my question, Jacqui. I've been trying to post to the Beatnik thread, and it never shows up. Posted twice yesterday, once today. Are you guys deleting it, or is the cyberspace monster eating it?

            2. When I had dial-up, I thought it was my computer's fault, but now I have wi-fi, and the slowness of the Chowhound site is all the more painful compared to how fast other sites load. I still think it's the ads that slow everything down. But what do I know--I'm just a user.