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Jul 22, 2008 10:46 AM

Sr Birthday Dinner party for 16 South PBC - Cucina ?

Planning a restaurant dinner party for 16-20 people (mostly family) to , including several senior citizens in South Palm Beach County for a Saturday night this fall. not to exceed 50 bucks a head. Private room would be nice but not essential, especially if the restaurant has some music. Nothing too loud, but we don't want an old stodgy place, either. Any suggestions that will also be acceptable to the OOT foodies from NoCal and NY/DC who will be footing the bill?

Currently considering Cucina d'Angelo. Any opinions/suggestions?

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  1. I am no expert on the area but I have been to Cucina and enjoyed it.

    1. Mortons in the same plaza has a private room but is a bit more expensive. I think Trulucks in mizner plaza has a private room but is also expensive.

      i have planned many such dinners with private rooms at the following restaurants but very few in south palm beach, mostly northern broward:
      Timpanos - Private Room
      Chima - They put you in a private area but not a private room
      Trina - Private Room Upstairs
      Fish - Private Room
      Jackson's - Private Room
      Johnny V's - Not Private at all
      Blue Moon - Not Private at all
      River House - Private Room
      17th St Fishery - Private Room
      Cafe Maxx - Private Room
      Morton's in Boca - Private Room
      Ruth Chris - Private Room