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Jul 22, 2008 10:18 AM

RB po'boy at Ignatius

Hi, just back from N.O. where we had a shockingly good roast beef po'boy at Ignatius. Kind of a shreddy, brisket-y cut that seemed to be moist with with natural juice rather than a beef gravy. Only codicil is I have not had a RB po'boy elsewhere so I look forward to trying others'. But I literally cannot imagine that a sandwich this good isn't one of the very best in town. As a point of comparison we also enjoyed our visit to Domilise's a couple of days later -- we loved the freshly battered and fried shrimp and fried oysters and also the for tasty smoked sausage -- but were not absolutely blown away and giddy with enjoyment the same way we were at Ignatius.

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  1. I think their RB poorboy is great too maybe my favorite and you don't need a bath afterwards.

    1. Ignatius' r.b. poboy is good. It's up there with parasol's and parkway, in my opinion. However, I still prefer parkway's over ignatius'. Same style, but better overall. Domilise's r.b., on the other hand, is just plain gross. Good thing you got something else there. Most of the poboys are really good at Dom's, but the r.b. isn't one of them. Try parkway next time you come. I'll bet you'll be "blown away and giddy" after it's all said and done.

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        ignatius's rb is awesome but out in the burbs or on way to airport russel's short stop on transcontinental off of airline drive is the BOMB.