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Jul 22, 2008 10:15 AM

trip to Austin - need restaurant recommendations

I am planning a trip to Austin in a few months with my husband and a few other people - there will be five of us. We haven't been since college and need restaurant recommendations for dinner. No price range. Restaurants with good wine lists would be appreciated! Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Okay, here goes (I am a life long Austinite, and have tried to eat my way across town)! Winks, Hudson on the Bend, Fonda San Miguel, Uchis, Vespaios, Starlite, and Mirabelles. (great afffordable wine list for the last one). Have fun!

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      We had a nice time at Malaga ,Tapas.. great wine list
      Uchis is great ..but if you venture into Round Rock there is Beluga which is wonderful.

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      1. Jasper's in The Domain. Great food, great service and a really good wine list!

        1. We're huge fans of the new restaurant Parkside, on 6th and San Jacinto. We also love Starlite and Aquarelle for amazing French food (I ate there 3 days after getting back from Paris and was not disappointed). I like Wink, but my husband (who is not overweight nor a huge eater) said he needed a junior bacon cheeseburger after dinner.