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Jul 22, 2008 10:07 AM

Best SF restaurants to bring food lovin' out-of-towners?

We have some special out-of-town guests coming into town. We just all love good food. We don't want to go anywhere too fancy, just great food in a nice environment where we can catch up with friends. Bonus would be a place with good cocktails and in a neighborhood we can grab an after dinner drink, and maybe a fairly new place (but open to older places to, since we haven't been everywhere). To give you an idea of what we like, a few of our fave recent places have beenThe Front Porch and Nopa. Anything come to mind?

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  1. Zuni's the original off of which Nopa is sort of a slightly more casual knockoff.

    1. Bar Tartine has great food, and it's a good catch up place, and visitors often love it. It's also in a good neighborhood for getting an after dinner drink. It does not, though, have cocktails. La Ciccia is a great environment for catching up with friends (depending on how many people are in the party, it's better for parties of around 4 or so).

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        La Ciccia's best for parties of no more than four.

        They're closed for vacation, reopen August 1.

      2. I really enjoy Gary Danko's but that is somewhat fancy.
        Slanted Door, Zuni's or Scoma's.

        1. I like Ottimista Enoteca on Union. It is not as hip and sleek as Nopa. More of a cozy Italian wine bar vibe with a small plates menu. The food is simple but I've always enjoyed it. Great for hanging out with friends.

          1. Range has great food and great cocktails and is not too noisy. And there are plenty of places in the Mission to get an after dinner drink.