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Jul 22, 2008 09:59 AM

Miro District Nashville -- been yet?

Hey 'hounds - I noticed that the new restaurant in the Adelicia -- "Miro District" is now open. (Same people who have Watermark.) Anyone been yet? Would love to hear reviews. Menu looks good and I'm anxious to try it.

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  1. Actually the opening is next Wednesday, the 30th. Unfortunately I'll be out of town, but plan to go as soon as I'm back!

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      Thanks! Please report back....I'm shooting to get there soon but you may beat me to it.

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        Happily reporting that I am adding a new restaurant to my top restaurants in Nashville list! Went to Miro District last night with a friend, and we were both so happy with everything about the experience. The atmosphere was great, the service was top notch, and the food was oh so good!

        We started with the Baked Formaggio appetizer- goat cheese served on blistered tomotoes and basil with grilled foccaccia points. The flavors were so intense and blended together perfectly. We used up the foccaccia before all of the sauce was gone, so I used the bread from the bread basket to sop up the last bit left on the plate. I couldn't resist.

        Next we split a Capri Salad which was several different types of locally grown heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella made in-house, topped with a smattering of crispy fried onions. A very nice, light dish for our hot summer evenings. For entrees, my friend ordered the Chicken Paillard and I ordered the Bistecca. The Chicken Paillard was served with a lemon sauce on polenta, and was bursting with flavor. The polenta was so creamy and delicious! The Bistecca had so many incredible flavors and textures-- the steaks were topped with fresh corn, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, mushrooms and served over pototoes. It was an explosion in my mouth-a little crunch, a little creamy, a little acid, a little sweet....oh so good!

        I cannot urge you enough- go, go now! You will not be disappointed!

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          THANKS! Glad to hear things were so good and can't wait to get there!

    2. FABULOUS!! Had the caprese salad appetizer with heirloom tomatoes, Califormia mozzarella, basil, YUM! Definitely order the pappardelle with braised duck, fennel,etc. DIVINE. Pappardelle made in-house & melts in your mouth it's so light.
      Finish with Uber-Chef Dean Robb's homemade lemoncello.
      Be prepared to be transported to foodie heaven.
      DEAN ROBB is my new Foodie-GOD.

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        So so excited about this new addition to the nashville foodie scene... my fiance and i can't wait to go this week :) so glad you had a great experience. After moving here a few months ago from LA, i am in need of some good fresh italian eats!

      2. Foodie Heaven? I disagree. Miro District is good. We went for dinner last weekend, it was all very good and the service was excellent. But it was not foodie heaven.

        I am happy to have a great entry to the Nashville food scene that has fresh Italian food offered but I was not as impressed as I had hoped to be after the hype of the chef and his background at one of the best restaurants in the South.

        We will go back and have plans to return in the next few weeks when my inlaws are in town.

        What we ate: Miro salad, apple salad, Salmon special, mussles and clams with linguini and flourless chocolate cake. Every thing tasted very good but the linguini had a tad too much olive oil, I had to repeatedly dab it from my chin.

        But when we go back the Miro salad and the chocolate cake will be ordered again.

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          I think I've heard that Miro is now "French" and not "Italian". There is a new chef.

        2. Here's the scoop for you petite eaters... the waiter made a big deal abou the seafood being flown in fresh daily, so we went that route. Conclusion - it must have been flown in on a tiny Cessna 152. The serving size made dishes in Paris look like something from Outback. My mahi mahi was so miniscule, I can't imagine the price per ounce of my dish. It would be a painful calculation. The atmosphere is chic and upscale, but you pay handsomely for just that.
          We wanted a liesurely dinner and visit with friends, but we were hustled through the process, as if there were a need to turn tables. Alas, the house was at about 50% occupancy, so we didn't understand the rush. We could have kept drinking, but we ventured elsewhere for dessert and coffee.
          My sense is that if you want to grossly over pay and be hurried through your meal in the name of hip, then Miro District is the place. For me, it was Smoke & Miro.