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Jul 22, 2008 09:35 AM

Best Turkey Burger in OC

All this talk of the best burgers in town have me salivating for a good turkey burger with grilled onions....havent found anything stellar in OC but I know it's out there.So far,the Counter in Irvine has proved to be just average,without a nice grill feel or flavor,but perhaps the best so far.Knowlwoods, FatBurger and Island's turkey burgers are just passable...a cut above fast food.Anyone have any better thoughts?

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  1. Have you tried Hof's Hut in Long Beach? I loved these...of course I have only eaten them pregnant, so perhaps a person with normal tastebuds would disagree, but I thought their turkey burger was fantastic, thick with lots of flavor. And, you can't beat the pie that they serve.

    1. Love Red Robins and also Ruby's Turkey Burgers! Very tasty and moist. I'm normally a beef fan but go for the Turkey in those restaurants!!

      1. Have you had tried ordering your Turkey Burger with a fried egg on top, at FatBurger ? I think it's really good that way !