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Jul 22, 2008 09:10 AM

Banh Mi Palm Beach County

I read about these a while back and went to a place on Lake worth just west of congress i saw the bread so i assume they made them but there was not menu and i was a bit intimidated so i did not order one Where can i get a good one and what should i ask for?

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  1. I am opening up a Banh Mi and boba tea shop called Yum-Mi and will be offering 3 different types of banh mi to choose from. My grand opening will be October 3, 2010. Its located at the NEW Yellow Green Farmer's Market on Taft and I95. Please check out our facebook for more info at We look forward to feeding you guys! And dont worry, you will be able to know what ur eating in our sandwiches =


    Farmer's Market Restaurant
    300 N Krome Ave, Florida City, FL 33034

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      Glad the farmer's market is finally open! Will check your place out when I get there!