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Jul 22, 2008 08:46 AM

Where would you eat in Atlantic City Area

I'd like your opinion on great places to eat in the AC area beside the Knife and Fork or Steve and Cookie's. What's good and different?

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  1. I'd recommend Sage in Ventnor, Manna in Margate, and Little Saigon in AC, all BYOs.

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      I cannot say enough good things about Little Saigon. First of all, dinner for 2 (including beverage, though not alcohol--the place is byob, another plus) can be all of $25. The food is among the best Vietnamese I've ever had anywhere. We live in Baltimore, but whenever we come to Atlantic City, we make sure to eat here at least once (sometimes twice, if the mood strikes). The bun (grilled meat-you choose what type-on rice noodles) is excellent, as are some of the specials. Oftentimes, we'll get the Saigon Mixed Grill, which has some of several of the appetizers, along with rice noodles, marinated vegs, on a big bed of lettuce. Plenty enough for dinner for two. Ingredients are fresh, and portions are plentiful. Also be sure to try the French-press Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. Heavenly. There's a review of it here: http://www.acweekly.com/view.php?id=6446

      The place is small (maybe 10-12 tables), on the corner of Artic and Iowa. Seems to be mostly locals in there, even though it's only 3 blocks from the casinos (the Trop is right nearby). We've been at least a dozen times, and the service has always been friendly and helpful.

    2. The Knife and Fork, Steve and Cookie's, Sage. It's a pretty short list in South Jersey. Better idea? Drive to Philly.

      1. I was there with friends for 5 days. Went to Ruth's Chris 2 times. Food and service were both impeccable. Most of us had steak, but I had the Osso bucco ravioli one time and my friend had the planked salmon one time. Wow!
        Great service, but friendly, not stuffy.

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            Second TomDel. If you can get in, try Chef Vola's. The Palm is also very good. Recently went to Red Square and I really liked it. They did my Filet Mignon sooo rare, just like I love it. They also have a great vodka slection, which doesn't hurt.

            Don't forget White House Sub Shop. Certain people on this board 'dis' it, but I'm teelin you it is the very best. I always get the regular Italian sub, but all the subs get props on here.

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              There is no way to 'dis' that place, they are simply the best hoagies I have ever had.

              Ive said it before and Ill say it again, it is a crime to me to go to AC and not make a stop at White House.

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                I over order at Whitehouse and have it again for breakfast after a night of play at the casino.

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                  I order White House, bring it home and have it for my late night middle of the night meal, breakfast (sausage/peppers), lunch the next day (turkey), dinner (turkey again).

                  nothing better, tuna is the favorite but have to eat that one there- doesnt travel as well.

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                  OP Check out the pictures and reviews on this web site for White House


                  Kind of makes me want to get in my car and drive the 100 miles right now.

            2. Bobby Flay's Restaurant in the Borgata. Better than the Knife and Fork. IMO

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                I had a steak at Bobby Flay’s and one at the Old Homestead (both in the Borgata). IMHO the steak at the Old Homestead was much better as were the appetizers, sides and dessert.

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                  White House Subs for a Cheesesteak with a Tastycake for dessert! Also, Patsy's in The Atlantic City Hilton has a bar area with tables that features a lower priced menu and their Chicken Parm is ffantastic - so is their wine list and GREAT service!!! I always go to Steel's Fudge for their creamy Pistachio Fudge and their decadent Coconut Fudge - it's an AC tradition! Have fun!!!