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Jul 22, 2008 08:41 AM

Caribbean Themed Party

Hi guys!! My friends and I are hosting a Caribbean Themed Party in a few weeks and we want to serve some delicious food. We've already decided what the theme drink is going to be as well as the desert but we're drawing a blank as to where we can order the food from. We want some appetizers (coconut shrimp? conch fritters? but what else?) and maybe figured we could order some Jerk Penne from Ortanique, but we want to have more of a selection for our guests. It's not going to be a sit down (although there will be tables). Does anyone have any ideas as to what we can serve and where we can order the food from? Our budget is not particularly restrictive but we don't want the food to be exhorbitantly pricey either. Thanks in advance for your pearls of wisdom!

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  1. I had a carib. party last year. You can purchase coconut shrimp or chicken from Fresh Market. I also served pineapple upside down cake. Rum cocktails, fresh fruit jucies, mini grilled jerk pork sandwiches, hot pepper jelly and cream cheese with cuban crackers, lobster salad or any seafood salad, ceviche, and plantain and yuca chips with cilantro sauce.

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      The mini grilled jerk pork sandwiches sound great. DId you make them yourself or buy them somewhere? We're thinking of Mai Tais and guava cupcakes which I'm really excited about. Thanks for the tips.

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        I did make the jerk sand. myself. I basically marinated overnite. Roasted in the oven and sliced it once baked. Then right before everyone got here I just took out of the oven and put in a serving dish. Keeping some in the oven to keep warm.

      1. Surely you can find someplace to cater that will be less expensive than Ortanique.
        Check out Chef Creole ->
        (I've had the shrimp in sauce, which is good if you add some of their hot sauce, and the conch fritters which are the big fat softer kind which I like).

        or maybe Bamboche ->

        1. Mini "cocktail" Jamaican beef patties from Sonia's in Kendall are authentic, delicious and easy to serve.