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Need help - Deli's in KC?

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Are there any Deli-esque places open for dinner in KC? I know, it makes little sense given that we could get BBQ, but I'm trying to find a dinner place near the Plaza that could accomodate a friend who "loosely" keeps kosher. Thoughts?

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  1. I think they close at 7, but my favorite is the New York Delicatessen on Troost. Excellent corned beef and pastrami. Here's a review from my favorite KC food blog.


    d'Bronx on 39th also serves up some mean pastrami, but it is more pizza/sandwich joint. It's open later into the evening though and has great atmosphere and proximity to other bars/hangouts.

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    1. d'bronx has a second location at 105th / Metcalf, OP KS