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Jul 22, 2008 08:09 AM

Oriental Garden

Planning a party for about 20 - 25 people at Oriental Garden. Can you tell me if this is a good choice? Most of the people like Cantonese food. Thanks

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  1. It's hard to say. The place is small so it's going to be crowded. While the food is good, the waiters are obnoxious and they like to upsell (esp. fresh seafood) without telling you the price. They also like to get you out of the door as quickly so all the dishes will appear at the same time and they try to clean up your plates before you even finish. Overall, I think the food (particularly seafood) is good their service is awful.

    For large party dining I will recommend Chatham Square Restaurant (on Chatham Square 6) as they specialize in Chinese banquets or large party dinings for wedding and celebration. They also have set-menu for different number of people if you do not want to think. Space is much more spacious than OG and service is nice. They also have TV but most of the time they have Chinese programs on so it may not be relevant to your party.

    Another place that is worth a try is Amazing 66. I found their meat dishes to be better than seafood, but overall the food is pretty good and service is adequate. You will see plenty of reviews (mostly excellent) on this board.

    If you don't mind fun and causal, Congee Village is great for more "Hong Kong bistro" type of dishes. For party of your size you should be able to get a private room.

    1. Oriental Garden is my favorite cantonese place in Chinatown. All the food is always very fresh and delicious. I disagree with the post below about the service. Maybe because at this point I've been there so much, but I've never had bad service and find the waiters and managers very nice to deal with.

      1. Thanks - i see they specialize in seafood. Is their spare ribs, etc also good?
        Also - would my party be too small for Chatham Square?

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          Never been to Chatham Square. The seafood is great at Oriental Garden, but I like the meat dishes as well. I don't think they have spare ribs, but they do very good versions of cantonese meat dishes like peking pork chop, and if you ask for one of the managers, he will tell you about some of the seasonal off the menu specialities they have that night. I remember in the winter having a really amazing lamb stew type dish they told me about.

        2. I think Oriental Garden is about the best Cantonese in Chinatown, and I've thrown a number of small parties there. Two or three tables will be perfect for you. They do lots of parties, mostly Chinese diners. Yet, over the years, the place has become a regular on the tourist circuit too. Many years ago that was not the case. I've seen weddings, birthdays, etc. I've never felt that they were rushing us out, either when I go with just a few people or with a large party. Actually, I think their service is better than many other spots in Chinatown. Chinatown is not a "dining experience" as far as leisurely food and kick back and relax. Their seafood is the thing to get but many of their other dishes are also great: Peking pork chops, pork with ginger and scallion, a bunch of mai fun dishes (the singapore mai fun is great), etc. I also love their hot & sour soup, and shrimp rolls (not the spring rolls). You can also have shu mai as a starter. They will make up a menu according to what you want. They can send you some sample menus but then just add or strike out what you want. Have fun.

          1. Oriental Garden is one of my fav restaurants in Chinatown. During the numerous times my family has dined there, we have seen small parties of 2-3 tables being hosted. I recommend their bamboo satae bbq beef sticks, steamed oysters w/xoxo sauce served on a half-shell(not on menu, but they'll make it for you), salt-baked pork chop(like fried pork chop), any sort of stir-fried green vegetable(surprisingly tasty), and a toss-up between clams w/blk bean sauce or some other seafood dish. We are actually planning to go back this weekend =D