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Jul 22, 2008 08:09 AM

Best Fried Chicken in Toronto?

During a recent visit to New York, I ate at Blue Ribbon, and had the most amazing fried chicken EVER!! Now that i'm back in Toronto, is there anything comparable? Does anyone know where i can get a rrreally delicious, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and not greazzy deep fried bird? KFC, Mary Brown's or any chain need not apply please.

btw, here is an article on the Blue Ribbon goodness that's as close to heaven you'll ever get....

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  1. i like Yung Sing Pastry's tempura chicken quite a bit.

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    1. re: atomeyes

      A friend told me about this place so I we went
      It's called Fire on the East Side
      I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken
      and I must say it was SERIOUSLY DEEEEEEEEELISHHHHH!
      Nice dinner portion, I think 3 big pieces, with mashed potatoes and gravy
      It was so goooooood, even took the rest home

      Ps...our waiter was very good also:)

      Oh Forgot:
      Location: 6 Gloucester Street, off Yonge Street
      Phone: 416-960-FIRE (3473)

      1. re: NoFixedAddress

        Hmm, this place looks pretty interesting, thanks for the tip. Will check it out!

        1. re: NoFixedAddress

          Just checked out their menu. $20 for 1/2 chicken! Anyways, don't mind paying that much and driving all the way from Richmond Hill if it is REALLY THAT GOOD?! Can any other fellow CH confirm?! Many thanks!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            oh yes, i've had the southern fried chicken there a few years ago, i forgot about that place....not bad. but because i forgot about it, i guess it wasn't that memorable. i do remember it being nice and crispy, but the pieces were a bit "mysterious" that a wing? is that a breast? hmmmm. thanks for the jogging my memory though NFA.

      2. I've heard good things about Cajun Corner's fried chicken. The chef is from Nashville, and he has brought some good southern cooking to Toronto. Problem is, I can never get past ordering one of their delicious po' boy sandwiches everytime I go in.

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        1. re: Yongeman

          I had the FC there and very much liked it. I found that it had a real "Home made" taste to it. If that makes any sense.
          They use a dry seasoning that's premade for them by someone in NOLA and supposedly it's "THE FC seasoning to use".

          Even if you don't think it's the best, I'm sure you'll like it.


          1. re: Davwud

            Chef from Nashville, dry seasoning from NOLA?! i'm there! i'll have to check it out. thanks Yongeman and Davwud!

        2. I really enjoyed the fried chicken at Harlem, on Richmond. Very crispy, lightly spiced coating, wonderfully juicy inside. Only downside is that it is a bit expensive; it is around $16 and sides ($4-6) are a la carte. I thought it was worth it, though.

          1. Lykn’ Chicken at 7460 Airport Rd. You get 15 pieces of fried chicken, family size order of French fries or homemade wedges, best coleslaw around, and 5 cans of pop for less than $30.00 (I believe $25.99). The fried chicken is very good, not greasy and salty like KFC (though I’ve not eaten KFC since the early 80’s, maybe things have changed?). You have your choice of spicy or regular. Both or good, the spicy has a little heat and when drizzled with honey, makes for good eats. Best to order ahead of time because they make to order, that way you don’t have fired chicken lying around becoming dried out.

            This place also does Kansas City style BBQ. Best pulled pork around imho.

            Web site

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            1. re: Pastryrocks

              Pastryrocks comment on KFC is interesting. While I do not find it salty exactly, I do find most commercially prepared foods too salty, KFC just running with the pack. Your comment on KFC does remind back decades ago when they had a failed other corporate entity. It was located separately as in the Lakeshore Rd. West area and occasionally as next to a KFC operation on Gerrard near Broadview. The name was HS Fish & Chips I believe, certainly HS in the name. I ate at both locations and at the Gerrard I was eating, noticed something different. After a few more tastes, I sat there and said to myself "that's it, HS must stand for Heavy on The Salt ". I thought it to be my imagination and sometime later tried the Lakeshore operation. Same thing after a taste, another taste and the salt kicked in, left there meal not eaten, a full refund. To this day, I wonder about what the HS stood for, they sure were not around very long!!!!

              1. re: Jar

                Likely the HS stood for Harland Sanders, aka Colonel Sanders.

                1. re: tjr

                  Well, I remember H. Salt Fish and Chips, in the late 70's. Lots of Union Jack colours used in the design of the shops.

                2. re: Jar

                  H. Salt Fish & Chips. They are very much around today in the US, though not in Canada.

                  1. re: Jar

                    I think last year there was still an HS fish and chips in the food court at the CNE. Also if my memory is correct they used to have a pile of locations in Toronto, sort of like the Long John Silver fish and chips in the US but they did not survive due to the higher quality and prices of the independant's which were more plentiful in Toronto in the 70s.

                    1. re: smr714

                      I think the H Salt Fish and Chips chain still exists in California.