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Jul 22, 2008 07:44 AM

Anyone tried Chianti in the new location, Saratoga?

Got a gift cert for free meal out and was going to use it soon to try Chianti in the new digs. Any reports? Came with a menu with some similarities to the old but some new....

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  1. Well, I really like the food there. The prices are very reasonable (e.g., a contorno of fava beans for $5). Great meat entrees. Convivial atmosphere. What's not to like?

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      Well spent my gift cert and was not disappointed. Longer wait than I would like so we did apps at the bar, out of this world shrimp and fava beans and a wonderful tomato and moz variety. Great salads small but loaded with flavor, had the white balsamic and crisped proscuitto, my usual filet with gorgonzola, parner had the salmon special....really good, atmosphere is loud but energetic....

    2. My parents ate there last week and said it was excellent. i'm looking forward to trying it myself.

      1. Going to be crowded given the track season. Chianti's deliberately put the tables close together to create a sense of a real Italian trattoria. Can be noisy. Decor is exquisite, service is professional, and the host/owners try to make it a pleasant dining experience. Prices somewhat lower than the original location, and have not had a bad meal there at all. Recommend it highly. Since my best friends have moved into the condos over Chianti, bought them a gift certificate for the place (who, also very quietly, have told the condo dwellers above that they will do takeout.) I'm not sure that extends to the general public. They have been doing a 4:30 martini happy hour (not sure whether that will last during track season) at somewhat reduced prices. One of my sources complains a bit about that, since the martinis seem to be more on the exotic side (appletinis, crantinis, etc, etc., without a plain James Bond martini on the happy hour menus). Have no personal knowledge about that, since if I am in my martini drinking mood, it's got to be 9 Maple Avenue, not Chianti's. But would highly recommend the food at Chianti's. Worth a stop