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Manch, NH: taco truck @ Lake and Union

Has anyone eaten from this truck? I'm curious.

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  1. i passed that the other day and wondered myself - lots of customers - good sign

    1. We passed it on the way to a dinner party a few weeks back - I was sooooo tempted to stop and spoil my appetite.. :) Thanks for the reminder, I'll try to get back there the next time we're in the neighborhood!

      1. I've stopped here twice now and will go back whenever I'm in town. I've only had tacos so far -- chicken and pork with everything. I think they are delicious. I am no Mexican food expert, but I am a knowledgeable consumer of good food. There is a woman preparing/filling the soft tacos (very little English I think) and a bi-lingual expeditor. The tacos are $2 each and if I hadn't driven away before eating I would have returned for more.

        First post, hope I covered the basics. The taste to cost ratio is as good as it gets.

        1. Fantastic, stopped by today. we had two tacos (chix and beef) and a wonderful burrito (pork). People were very friendly, although no english - we had help from a hispanic woman that was finishing her taco when we arrived. We both commented on the great article in Hippo. I'm anxious to try more on the menu - I'll clip the article (think the menu was in it - in english). Everything is made fresh to order. Several people came up and ordered things like a dozen tacos, to go!! Our real estate agent is going to love this new find (if he hasn't yet), he's been enjoying El Mexicano Jr. since we told him about that place. Great value, awesome food, very nice people - what more can you ask for.

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            The taco truck is exciting for the Manchester food scene

          2. Had lunch there yesterday -- two carnitas tacos. Very very good and worth the price. The tacos were double-wrapped in hot, soft corn tortillas, and I thought that there was just a little too much corn for the filling, but I'd still eat there whenever -- just take the outer tortilla off.

            I was disappointed that there wasn't a line at 12:15 when I showed up.

            Also, they are bringing in Coca-Cola from Mexico, in glass bottles, with cane sugar instead of HCFS! That alone makes me excited to go back.

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              How would you get here from the Manchester airport?

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                It's on the corner of Union and Lake, just get on 293 north, take Granite St. Exit - take it and a right at end of ramp. This turns into Lake Ave but you won't be able to go up to Union since it's one way for a few blocks. Just take a left, then right then right to get on Union coming the other direction.

                We love the food too.

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                  Thanks for me too. I've booked marked this. I think it is the closest taco truck to Maine. My kid was just in Mexico City eating real tacos al pastor, my fave.

            2. Only in America can you find great food right on the back of a truck. I had one in
              California that made the best burittos in the world, it use to park right outside my office every day at lunch. I may just have to travel up to Manchester for a little reminiscing.

              1. I really want to go enjoy these tacos, does anyone know the exact hours? (I have a bit of a drive to get there.)

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                  It's either 10am-11pm or 11am-11pm (everyday). I remember commenting on the long hours. It can be a rough area at night, although the police sub station is right there. Still, I would opt for lunch.

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                    Thanks for the info.

                    Yes, lunchtime sounds like the best option. I'll report back very soon!

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                      Stopped by yesterday around 5 and grabbed a chicken burrito and one taco. Both were good not great, was surprised they didn't have guac. The price was right $7 for both. I will go back on ocassion.

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                        Traditionally, the usual taco toping is diced onion and fresh celantro. I don't think I have ever seen guacamole at a taco truck in Albuquerque, LA or Mexico. That's a restaurant condiment. Ummmm. can't wait.
                        Do they serve tacos al pastor? Tripas?

                2. I had two chicken tacos and wasn't very impressed. I thought two dollars per taco was somewhat pricey, considering there are two tortillas (?) and minimal chicken, and what chicken there was was rather dry and, for me, pretty spicy. No guac, no sour cream... Dare I say it, but I think you get better value and even (gasp) taste at a Taco Bell. Granted, I am talking from a single chicken taco experience...

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                    Taco Bell?!? C'mon, I know what you're implying, but think harder.

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                      too bad, we enjoyed it (but awhile ago) - have you been to Consuelo's Taquria on Amhurst St. - we went when they first opened and loved it, loved it again the other night - fantastic chix tortilla soup, excellent quesadilla - but hubby got the best dish of assorted taquaria's. You pick your spice too (help yourself to 3 types).

                    2. By far, one my favorite places for a quick bite. This place is like heaven on wheels. I have had almost everything on the menu. My favorite is the beef burrito. A close second is the torte de langua, or beef tongue sandwich. It is so good. The tongue is super tender, chopped up and served on a large grilled bun. It is served with chopped lettuce and fresh avocado. Everything is served with a couple slices of lime and a radish. I encourage everyone to give it a try. The menu is in short and sweet, and is super affordable. You will not be disappointed.