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Jul 22, 2008 05:53 AM

Fried Chicken in Orlando?

Where will I find the best of the best in Orlando?

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  1. I surmise that many will recommend Olde Dixie Chicken down Orange near Pine Hills, and while I would be inclined to offer the same advice, my experience was less than positive. The chicken was a few hours "past its prime" (although, admittedly, I didnt visit until 2 or 3 pm on a weekend); the rolls were from a bag - likely Sunbeam or Melitta; and the sides were pedestrian (slaw and mashed potatoes). I will likely visit one more time - at a busier hour - to see if the place does indeed live up to its hype. Otherwise, I recommend sticking with tested-and-tried Publix fried chicken and picking up some biscuits at Popeyes (~$4.00 for a dozen) and having a picnic in one of The City Beautiful's parks.

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      I'll 2nd the publix fried chicken... It is down right amazing, even better the next day cold straight out of the fridge..mmmmm..when im cravin fried chicken its always publix or popeyes..

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        I like this posting,, I can't wait to read the results. As a fried chicken lover I am always looking for the best. Old Dixie is a part of a chain called maryland fried chicken. Good chicken,, lousy sides except for the french fries. If you must do a chain,,try Churches on 1792 in sanford or if your more gutsy the one at church and obt. I think they are the best chain.
        As far as the best overall,, I am on a quest. I have heard the colony house in sanford serves the best. The only make it on thursdays. I will report back on my findings!

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          hmmm, when you mentioned quest this place popped into my head that i would drive by everyday but never tried.. im pretty sure its called mama nems and its on Kirkman road (metro west area).. ive been on their website to look around and it looks like some real good soulfood in a nice restaurant.. also there is a new blues place on Idrive called BB Kings which may be a gem for fried chicken

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            I've only been once (too far from home), but Mama Nem's chicken is great as are the multitude of side dishes. Just know that as the night gets later, some sides run out.

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          D'oh! We were visiting Orlando from NYC last week and stopped at Publix to get milk for our baby. The guy in front of us in the check-out line had a box of fried chicken. I was soooo tempted to get out of line to get some. But no -- we settled for going back to the hotel restaurant instead. Nuts. Good to know though -- we'll remember for next time!

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            Publix is good, if not nearly great, but doesn't hold a flame to UFC Chicken in NYC (Queens); so don't fret that you missed out this time. Hopefully you can enjoy a box of Publix chicken during your next visit. In the meantime, I'll continue to crave the perfectly-fried UFC Chicken.

          2. re: lauderdale75

            Dixie Chicken is good when it's fresh, usually around lunch time.

          3. If you don't mind waiting a few months, there's a Bojangles slated to open during the first quarter of 2009 at 11291 East Colonial Drive (East Orlando).

            1. Many thanks for all of this. I'm on a quest for the best of the best. Stay tuned...

              1. When i was young and poor i used to love the Local Morrison’s Cafeteria i would go there for their Fried chix and their eggplant casserole and Mac and cheese just good comfort food that reminded me of home

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                  Actually,,The Picadilly cafeteria in the fashion square mall has great fried chicken as well. If you can stand everything else!

                  1. re: mountdorahound

                    i don't think anyone could stand anything else there....i'm pretty sure the piccadilly is long gone from fashion square.

                2. I see that this ? is from last year I'm a good one to ask. I've been looking for the best fried chicken in central FL, since the mid 80's some are now gone like Biscuts, they were bought buy Bojangels. Some have changed thier recipe, like Publix that was better 15 yr's ago. Old Dixie, great at lunch time. Hamptons in Deland great at times.Lee's in Sanford, might have the Colnal famous recipe.