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Jul 22, 2008 05:37 AM

The very best in NAPLES

I'm headed down to Naples for a four-night stay. We'll have a car with a GPS and big appetites for any kind of food. Fancy or grungy, where are the must-have meals?

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  1. If you check my previous posts I have many suggestions.

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    1. re: RevrendAndy

      I'm staying in the hotel where Bayleens is. Obviously I can't trust the concierge. Is it truly good? Anyone have an opinion on Trilogy? What about Truluck's?

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        Which neighbors and/or towns in your posts are in the Naples area? I'm not familiar with that part of Florida.

      2. The posts are mostly Naples and Bonita Springs, which is just north of Naples, probably equidistant between your hotel and downtown Naples.

        I had a terrific meal at Baleens, which leans toward seafood. The setting is superb, commanding high prices. Campiello is my favorite restaurant in the area, serving contemporary Italian, including a wood burning oven. Also downtown I like Chops, Trulucks, Trilogy, Bleu Provence, and Lurcat Cafe. Tommy Bahamas would be great for lunch.

        USS Nemo and Tropical Reef also serve good seafood. If you crave meat, the Strip House is excellent. The Bay House has a beautiful setting and serves good low country cuisine. In Bonita Springs, 15 minutes north I like Angelina's for Italian and Wyld's Cafe for contemporary/eclectic.

        Be sure to have fried grouper at Grouper and Chips.

        This should be a good start. Bon appetit!

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          That's a fabulous start. Many, many thanks.

          1. re: rudykins

            I'm leaving tomorrow. Any last thoughts on where we should eat in Naples?

            1. re: rudykins

              Skip Tommy Bahamas - just tourists, food is not good... Best seafood - hands down- is Randy's Fish House on 41 just north of Pelican Marsh (which I believe is 99th street or thereabouts)- in season you can't get close to it, but this time of year is good - must try the key lime pie (fresh key limes are hanging on the trees right now) Flip flops are fine, they hand write what fish is fresh and cook it any way you want it.
              Baleen's excellent, but very expensive.... Trulucks is also very good, they own their own fishery in Everglades City.

              1. re: jillbarry

                This is fabulous--and a great compliment to Trilogy, which along with Trulucks was at the top of my list. Thanks!

            1. re: CollierFilm

              Tropical Reef and Wyld's are also closed, since the above year old posting. It's tough to survive.

              BTW, Inca's Kitchen is highly recommended, and prices are Chow delights, under $17 for all.

              1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

                i thought Wyld's was just closed for the summer. never had an outstanding meal at Trilogy or when it was Zoe's. always missed the mark esp for the price. the only really good place left on 5th Ave is Trulocks. otherwise you have to go 3rd st. (never was a fan of Bice which is on 5th--the one i use to go to when i lived in DC closed).