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Jul 22, 2008 04:59 AM


Anyone go last night!

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  1. i too am excited for any reports! also, is there a menu online anywhere?

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      1. re: anj posted a menu yesterday.

        1. My wife and I have a reservation for Friday August 1 (my wife's birthday). I'll give a full report afterwards, but I'm hoping someone else will do so before then.

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            hey, my S.O.'s b-day is Aug 1st too! we're still trying to decide where to go. i just ate at distrito, and she works at parc, so that about does it for new and trendy... :)

            anyway, for a place that is only one week old i was very impressed with distrito! it very much showed they were a new place, but thankfully not in the areas where it mattered. service was genuine and friendly (which is obviously what they were aiming for). decor is wild and pink! there's bar space aplenty which i loved. food was really, really good. i let the bar staff take care of me with their own recommendations to make a tasting menu. i had:
            - a margarita
            - a carefully concocted cocktail called a hemingway, a mix of grapefruit juice, maraschino cherry and chile-infused tequila (and possibly a few other things). it works.
            - a very simple tomato salad - big thick juicy tomato slices with sliced avocado atop, and a lemon olive oil dressing with tons of herbs. so simple, so good. long live tomatoes.
            - a spicy shrimp ceviche with plantains
            - quesadillas, which were yummy little moons of summer squash perfectly fried and salty with some black bean and avocado puree on the side. mmm so good! they looked like funky little samosas. actually, thinking back on it, the perfect little eye trick (because they look indian) would be to add a red tomato salsa to the black bean and avocado purees, which could have passed for tamarind and mint chutneys, respectively. the tomato one might fool the eye to be an onion chutney. just a thought. :) anyway, as i voiced to anyone who would listen, quesadillas are practically a derogatory term to call these little mexican samosas. when you think quesadilla, you think (or at least i think) floppy stale triangles filled with subpar melty cheese. probably the best thing i had.
            - fish tacos with ?radish? garnish. these were tasty, however unmemorable compared to the rest. honestly, they weren't fishy enough. probably because they were fried. i'd switch out the fish for one that doesn't need deep frying, blacken it instead, and then it would be gorgeous and fishy.

            the only reasons i mentioned previously they seem like a new resto are small overlookable things. a few glasses broken, a few over-anxious (to describe the dishes) runners who sometimes got ahead of themselves and had to think back on their ingredients list. none of that is stuff i mind. for a place that's only been open a few days i was impressed.

            all in all very happy with my last-minute distrito decision (a friend had texted me about his experience there which i read while i was on train just outside 30th st station, and made a last minute call and exited the train for an early dinner!). oh, and i should mention there is a cute (but not open yet) private karaoke room (very cute). oh, and the bathroom doors are very confusing and hard to lock after 2 strong drinks. that's not like me!
            anyway, i think your wife will be happy with the distrito pick - do report back! :)

          2. Had dinner at Distrito last night. The food is
            excellent. Just as good as Tinto and Amada
            Had the yellow tail cerviche ,tuna taco had two different
            huaraches, shrimp on a skewer Everything was
            perfect. We had dinner for five including
            one drink each and one dessert The total
            with tip about $250. Very fun atmosphere
            well done interior. Would go back anytime

            1. Went to Distrito this past Friday. Didn't have a reservation at 7pm but we were seated right away- my guess is that will not be the case for long. Lots of different styles of seating- we sat at a little half-moon bench for two that was cute (although the table was tiny!). Service was very friendly and attentive. A singer with a guitar was walking around singing Guantanamera, Besame Mucho, etc. It was a little bit much for me, with the pink and all, but fun.
              My margarita was very strong (or maybe my tolerance is low). Started getting drunk 1/4 way through it and had a headache the whole next day despite drinking lots of H2O. I will try to accurately portray the food, although I was in a bit of a haze!
              They brought out the food one dish at a time.
              First we had the guacamole- fresh and simple. Next was the tuna ceviche with a coconut sauce and lime sorbet. Tasty and unusual- provoked some discussion! The pulled pork and pineapple tacos followed and went down easy...a different take on tacos al pastor. Kobe beef tacos were also delicious, but between the two, the pork wins. Next we had the esquites, basically corn con queso with a kick and lots of gooey sauce. I loved this. Reminded me of the corn side dish at El Vez but easier to eat (and less messy!) as the corn is served off the cob. Lastly, we had the platanos con crema. This was the only dish I could have done without, thought the beans and cheese were unnecessary- would have been happier with just plantains. For dessert we had the churros and the tres leches cake. Churros were fresh and served with chocolate. Good, but the tres leches was the favorite.
              In summary, I was impressed with the food although a little put off by the decor. I think it distracts from the food and just was a little too much cheese for me. But I can see why people might like it and I have no doubt that I will be returning if only for the tres leches cake...