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Jul 22, 2008 01:33 AM

Hong Kong, newly weds visiting...

where to visit and mostly where to source out the hole in the wall and "local" eateries in hong kong? we will visit in August, are there any culinary adventures I can witness?
anything and everything related to good eats- we are interested in...
thanks in advance,

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  1. you should try as many types of cuisines as you can while you're here.
    for more "local" places...try saigon in wanchai for vietnamese, their banh mi with luncheon meat is SO YUMMY!! and obviously their curry.

    yung kee (mentioned a lot in other posts) is good if you just want some of that cantonese bbq pork/duck, etc. there are, though, a lot of other places that serve that obviously. but that place is very very famous. across the street from yung kee is tsui wah, which is typical hong kong diner type food. lots of club-goers frequent that place at 3 am in the morning for late night food as its still open and right in lan kwai fong.

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      My wife and I were in HK in May. Tried two private kitchens--both ok but not memorable. Amber was a bit empty, but service was excellent and the food very good. Best meal by far was at the Mandarin Grill at the MO. The chef trained at El Bulli, and there are some great creations on and off the menu. I had a ribeye steak (sounds boring, until you find it has been divided in two parts, one of which is smoked over lemongrass stems and presented under glass). Dessert was an "egg", with mango gelee yolk, coconut whites, and a white chocolate shell! Molecular gastronomy at its best. Warning: the wine list starts at "expensive".

      1. re: mkleinman

        In terms of molecular gastronomy, I think Mandarin Grill is doing a far better job than Kee Club. Kee Club tries to put too much on a single plate. They present mere array of different molecular techniques on the same plate. No consistency and no theme there.

        I presume your "egg" was somewhat similar to this?
        I had that at a Japanese restaurant in Seoul called "Suminghwa".
        Note that they used an egg shell-shaped tiny bowl to hold the "egg",
        which happens to be the same bowl as the one used for "crab meat salad with caviar" at L'Atelier Hong Kong. LOL.

        1. re: kosmose7

          For molecular cuisine, my two fav in town would be Mandarin Grill (Krug Room) and Bo Innovation. Personally, I prefer Bo since it makes extensive use of Chinese ingredients and concepts. Was there recently for a celebration and tried their chef's menu for the first time. Some hit and miss but overall a great meal. Especially memorable is a preserved vegetable braised pork (mui choy kou yuk). This is a traditional Chinese dish and they remade it into steamed egg with foam. The steamed egg tasted like pork and the foam tasted like the preserved vegetable. A definite highlight of the night!