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Jul 21, 2008 10:48 PM

assist needed on kid friendly rec's

So here is the mission:

Coming into town with kids in tow as it is the annual visit to Children's. Also happens to be the spouses Birthday and she wants to go for a nice meal, but we will be bringing the kids along.

Off the menu:
-sushi (my spouse not a fan)
- Dim Sum (the kid friendly fall back and we are looking for something different)
- chain resto's (it is a birthday after all)

If possible:
- Italian (thinking Commercial but nothing jumps off the page)
- other eclectic (Thai, African, Mexican whatever that does not come in a pirate pack or happy meal)

Have heard as possibilities:

The Reef
Tio Pepes

Please your guidance is appreciated, and needed in a timely fashion as Birthday is Monday the 28th.


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  1. Firstly, my hat's off to you for taking care of your family. For every man like yourself, there's probably dozens who'd prefer to look out for themselves and take off. Keep it up.

    Anyway, to suggest a possibility for your wife's kid-friendly-but-nice-birthday-meal, I'd suggest Griffins restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver downtown. It's a nice fancier atmosphere without being stuffy, and they've still got crayons for the kids.

    Their menu is not too unusual or eclectic, but what should make your wife and kids happy is the dessert buffet that comes included with the order of any entree. And if you subtly let your waiter know that it's a special occasion, they'll even make up a fancy plate of dessert just for the birthday gal. A Monday evening shouldn't be too busy unless there's some conference going on that I don't know about.

    That's just my suggestion from one family man to another, but you'll probably get lots of other great ideas, too.

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    1. re: homebaker

      Homebaker, thanks would never of thought of Griffins and it may be a solid fit. I will certainly put it on list.

      1. re: squeegeeboy

        Actually, you might want to make a reservation anyway (if you decide on Griffins) because I remember one time we were finished a meal and had to "dance" through the crowd at the door waiting for a table. My guess is that they were hotel guests coming for dinner so you'll want to make sure you've got a table ready.

        Oh, and another thing, they do have a fairly standard-sounding kids' menu, but don't write it off. When we ordered the macaroni and cheese, it weren't no KD, that's for sure--can't remember exactly but it was more along the lines of baked-four-cheese-and-breadcrumbs. ...So even the kids get a bit of a treat!

    2. I would have suggested Little Nest (doesn't get any more kid friendly than that) - but they are closed Mondays IIRC.

      If Commercial Dr is a potential desination - how about Lombardo's pizzaria? Excellent woodfired, thin crust Neopolitan pizza.

      Sunrise Pizza is kid friendly if you are into thick-topping Greek-style pizzas. That's a go-to resto for many parents in this neighborhood (solid, though not exactly fine-dining).

      Me & Julio looks like it is kid friendly. A friend's family dined there recently and he had glowing reviews of that place. I have not yet tried it myself. Modern Mexican from the same folks who opened Lolita's in the West End.

      Cafe Deux Soleil is kid friendly, but I really can't recommend the food there.

      Lombardo's Pizzeria & Restaurant
      1641 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L3Y3, CA

      Sunrise Pizza & Steak House
      949 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L3W8, CA

      Cafe Deux Soleil
      2096 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N4B2, CA

      Me & Julio Restaurant
      2095 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N4B1, CA

      1. Actually I'm pretty sold on the idea of Griffin's too, so let us know how it worked out.

        If you were looking for other evenings I heard that Chambar has one evening a week where parents can dine while their kids are babysat and fed good things at the cafe next door. Has anyone tried this?

        Also if its Children's Hospital you are going to, a nearby good meal can be had at Henry's Kitchen (in the mall 25th and Oak). They used to have an extensive kids menu, I don't see it posted anymore, but still, I have often seen kids there in the past. It is not the most beautiful space but it is fairly roomy so you don't feel too squeezed in.

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        1. re: waver

          >>If you were looking for other evenings I heard that Chambar has one evening a week where parents can dine while their kids are babysat and fed good things at the cafe next door. Has anyone tried this?

          I heard about this too. What a great idea.

          1. re: fmed

            Checked out the website and did not see anything does anyone have any info on this?

              1. re: fmed

                That is excellent, only wish Thursday was our day. Thanks for the link.