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Jul 21, 2008 09:51 PM

Are there such places as power-dining spots in Phoenix?

Y'know, places for movers and shakers to eat and consummate deals -- either in business, politics or entertainment?

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  1. I've always considered Durant's such a place.

    Governor Napolitano is rumored to be a fan of Alexi's Grill, also in Midtown.

    2611 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004

    Alexis Grill
    3550 N Central Ave # 120, Phoenix, AZ

    1. In general: Steak Houses. And this is the same in many other cities. The more formal places are very business-like and professional (and usually prompt in service), fitting the mood for deals. It also helps that a lot of corporate deals are done via expense accounts so much of the tab is written off by accounting.

      A defacto fave of my colleague was the Capital Grille in the Biltmore Fashion Park, due to a central location. But there are others meaty places nearby.

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        1. I am a Durant's girl and I am a mover and my own mind..hee hee

          1. I think that Durant's and Mastro's are as close as we Phoenicians get to "power dining," although I think Mastro's is a bit too loud to be a place to get a deal done.

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              Lots of business deals over at the Biltmore, on the golf course, the 19th hole, and probably Wright's. Go grab a cigar in the lobby and have a look.