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Jul 21, 2008 09:08 PM

Puerto Rico (SJ, OSJ) - Restaurant Suggestions?

We are returning to P.R. next week and would appreciate your advice for restaurant suggestions (I did a search of this Board). After our last visit we posted a report here:

We have eaten (lunch or dinner) at:

*Mi Casita
*Waikiki Caribbean Food & Oyster Bar (it changed, no more empanadas whiich is why we went
)*El Convento
*Carli's Cafe
*La Picola Fontana

We have not tried:

*Casa Dante
*Amadeus Cafe
*El Zipperle
*Any new restaurants (since August 2007) - Tierra Santa

We would like to try some new places and will probably not return to Waikiki or La Picola Fontana. Your thoughts?

Thanks. fdr

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  1. First of all where are you staying? You should try out Marmelade in old san juan, Ummo in Condado, Via Appia in Condado also for good pizza. and if you are looking for a very nice restaurant you could try Augusto's in Miramar, close to Condado, where they have amazing food.

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      Thanks, - we will probably stay at the ESJ again. Appreciate all the suggestions and we haven't been to any. We're not interested in pizza because NYC has great pizza and we also make it at home. So unless it's a local specialty for some reason, we'll pass on Via Appia. I definitely need to get my mofongo fix (Metropol). What makes Marmalade and Ummo (cuisine of Argentina) special? What dishes do you suggest there? I went to Marriot's website and Augusto's menu is not posted. What dishes at Augusto's are amazing and not to be missed? Augusto or Pikayo? Thanks! fdr

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        Marmalade is kind of Mediterranean food with a Caribbean twist, but has a good variety of other influences, the chef is Australian and he has brought a very nice menu to the OSJ area. Ummo, yes, its argentinian and they have a huge grill right inside the restaurant so you get to experience the meat cooking action. Augusto's is a modern version of Classical European Cuisine, they have a classic menu that includes everything from steak tartare, escargots, goat cheese tart, classic filet mignon, shrimps, lobster risotto, and many fresh fish. And they have a weekly changing menu that has more modern adaptations of classical flavors, really recommend it if you are looking for a very romantic place with top of the line food, a must try if you already experienced eating at Pikayo.
        La Casita Blanca, in Barrio Obrero, is also a place you should look into for some great typical puertorrican sure to have chichaitos if you make it there

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          Thanks so much I don't eat red meat and I've been to Argentina, so Ummo is probably off the list. Marmalade is sounding good for a new lunch place to try. Or possibly La Casita Blanca. We will probably return to Metropol and El Convento in OSJ for lunch. We also need a new dinner place. Maybe Augusto or Casa Dante. We will probably return to Carli's and Pikayo. I'll report back.

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  , thanks again for all your suggestions. We ended up trying Ropa Vieja in Condado (nice area for a walk before or after dinner). We passed on Augusto's and went to Pikayo.