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Jul 21, 2008 08:56 PM

French Macaroons in Greater Boston?

Has anyone come across a pastry shop or small business that does great french macaroons? There used to be a man who sold his macaroons to Formaggio but I was told that he moved back to France. The ones they sell there now are not that good.

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  1. Burdick's on Brattle Street in Harvard Square has about the best I have been able to find. Not exactlt the perfect Parisian macaroon but the closest you will find here.

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    1. re: WilliamTheFoodie

      I really like the macaroons at Petit Robert Bistro on Comm Ave. I'm not neccessarily a connoisseur, but you can sit at the bar downstairs and actually watch the pastry chef at work. Flavors change seasonally.

      1. re: hoppinfrog

        I was at PRB-Kenmore Square for Christmas lunch and the wonderful macaroons are no longer on the menu. Instead, they offer "5 French cookies" for $5.50. When I asked, I was told only one was a macaroon, and only chocolate, so I passed.

        That said, I always get the plain almond ones at New Paris Bakery, 10 Cypress Street, Brookline. I've been going for years and they have delighted dozens of co-workers over the years. Not the sandwich type, which I find too rich. Just almond, just delicious.

      2. re: WilliamTheFoodie

        last i checked (admittedly, a year or more ago), burdick's called their version "luxembourgers." i'm not sure if they're attempting to be punny (given the vaguely burger-esque shape of the macaron), but in any case, i found them consistently a little stale with too dense a filling.

        edit: apologies to the burdick's employee below. sorry! it does sound as if you have more flavors now. perhaps i'll give them another try.

        1. re: coookie

          Um, I went today bought coffee, citrus, and chocolate. Let me tell you what a let down : (. I go to BU and it wasn't THAT far, but when you're riding the T thinking about how incredible they're gonna be and then when you get there you get stale macarons... let me tell you not a good feeling.

          I guess I'm spoiled because my dad used to bring me Ladurée macarons when he went to paris, but still! UGH the ones at PRB were much better

          edit: The chocolate and the coffee ones were stale...the citrus one was fresh and actually decent

      3. A good alternative ironically on a Chowhound gift guide today:

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          Not really a good alternative at all unless you happen to be in Beverly Hills. You can go to the website and order some macarons, but only for pickup in person at their bakery. They don't ship.

          1. re: Allstonian

            Sorry about that...They do have a shipping option on their "order online" section but it seems to be disabled...

            1. re: pondrat

              Yep - if you look at the "order online" page it says:
              Create your personal bouquet from our selection of 12 everyday classics and seasonal specialties, and use our convenient online order system* for in-store pickup**

              1. re: Allstonian

                actually you can get them shipped. my sister ordered me a box for christmas this year. they were yummy. not as good as the ones in france but the best american ones i have had. i will have to try burdicks.

                1. re: Queen Frostine

                  I stand corrected. Even though the ordering page only gives instructions for placing an order for pickup in the store, if you email the bakery, they will ship overnight. Don't want to think how much that will cost, but there you go.

          2. re: pondrat

            I'd recommend checking if La Maison du Chocolat ships from the NYC branch. IIRC, they're all choc flavoured, I remember liking the choc chestnut one, butthat was in London a couple of years ago, not sure if all the branches are the same.

            1. re: limster

              I don't know if they ship, but the NY store has lots of flavors - mocha and caramel were both amazing. I wish there were a consistently good source closer to Boston.

            2. Tatte on Beacon St in Brookline (and at Copley FM) has them. They look gorgeous. Haven't sampled them yet, though.

              1. Aroa in South End also has macaroons. Plenty of flavors to choose from. I had some last month, though I much prefer Ladurée's in Paris.

                1. If you're in the South End, definitely try Aroa- although I think they are saltier than they should be; and then go to Chocolee. They have a small selection there, but I happen to think they're mighty tasty. I have to admit though- since I'm an employee of Burdick's, I tend to eat a ton of macarons everyday. Right now we have citrus/almond, raspberry, pistachio, coffee, chocolate, lavender and ginger. I eat lots of the citrus and raspberry ones myself. When fall comes back we'll have cinnamon and pumpkin to replace the ginger and lavender flavors!