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Jul 21, 2008 08:41 PM

Ordering @ Hattie's, Babe's & Twisted Root, Dallas

Arriving this Friday evening from San Francisco Bay Area, we're planning on dinner at Babe's Chicken in Carrollton (may be, may be Frisco) before heading out to spend the weekend in Plano. Cousin lives near Hedgecoxe & Coit hence the indecisiveness in location. Any recs on dessert as the kids love pies & such?

Saturday is going to be spent with cousins and hopefully one meal out at Ali Baba (8 plus baby). Then on Sunday, if my dad isn't tired of what he'd consider a marathon weekend of eating, I am hoping to go to Hattie's before heading out to Waco. What are the recs here (two of us allergic to shellfish, others love it)? Would my 12 yr old love their mac & cheese or would she consider it "frou frou"? She's quite happy with Trader Joe's frozen version which is actually pretty good.

Perhaps a lighter alternative to Hattie's (for my dad), how about Twisted Root? Is their buffalo burger or Turkey burger worth a visit? I chose TR as it looks like it may be fun place for the kids. Alternately, what's tasty and reasonably healthy for dad at Hattie's?

Lastly, ignorance IS bliss. I never used to drive myself crazy planning a trip itinerary before I discovered chowhound a year ago:-)

Thank you Dallas hounds!

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  1. I don't think there is really anything light about the food at Twisted Root. It is great, don't get me wrong, but the burgers are pretty sizeable. It is also a little out of the way if you are heading towards Waco on Sunday.

    Hattie's Sunday brunch is great but definately not light. I am a big fan of their shrimp and grits, the crab cakes, and the cheese tart with caramalized onions. Lately, they have a special chicken and waffles that is really great (you may be tired of fried chicken though after Babe's). Some of the lighter alternatives would be the fried green tomato sandwich, the cheddar cheese tart or their entree salad.

    1. I have posted about Twisted Root's buffalo burger before. I get it about once a week. It's delicious - only once in the past year or so have I found the seasoning to be off. (The burger was featured in the July issue of Men's Journal.)

      I don't ever have room for dessert at Babe's, but I recall a taste of cobbler that was just like grandma's. I'm typically content for one last bisciut with some molasses (they keep honey and molasses on every table).

      I think the mac and cheese at hattie's is very good, and will be kid-friendly, though I believe it does have a bit of a breadcrumb crust. If it's available, I would order the pecan- (or whatever tree nut it is) crusted catfish.

      I would say that Hattie's and TRB are about equidistant in terms of getting on the proper route to Waco.

      1. The mac n cheese at Hatties isn't that frou frou. Really nice and cheesy.

        I love the tart listed below and the blue cheese stuffed figs. I get the figs everytime I go. The brunch there is very very good. I had such a hard time ordering. Makes me want to go back again.

        1. Okay, that's it, dad's just going to have to do portion control at Hattie's:-) Thank you everyone & hopefully all the delicious food will make up for the deadly heat!

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            The tomato soup/bisque at Hatties is very good.

          2. Another option if you want to have a buffalo burger is in old downtown Plano at Ye old butcher shop. It's a good burger, the owner is a real character. He has buffalo every day and Wednesday is his Elk Burger day. I drop in and grab an Elk Burger on a regular basis.