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Jul 21, 2008 08:38 PM

Road Trip: Olympia, WA. to San Diego, CA.

. Like the title states, I will be traveling from Washington to California this week and was hoping some of you could provide me with eatery suggestions.

My goal is to be in San Diego by no later than Friday, so this will be a quick trip. I'm obviously looking for restaurants that are good, "quick eats" and relatively near the highway.

However, once I am in San Diego, I will have more time to be selective. Also, I will be traveling down to the Yuma, Arizona area to visit family.

Well, there you have it! I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you can provide. Thanks again!

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  1. Ed from Yuma will have some good recs on the SW board--be sure to post there if you haven't already.

    For Calif, search the "I-5" posts. There are a scazillion. Not much from Sac to LA but here are some gems, mostly Mexican food, in the small valley towns. Nothing specatacular, but everything from deli sands and fresh ice cream to fruit stands and fast ethnic (non-chain) food.

    here are some posts to get you started:




    Please return and post on your experiences, good and not-so. It helps everybody here to see things with fresh eyes. Good travels to you!