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Jul 21, 2008 07:49 PM

Looking For Hyde Park Recommendation

I'm planning a day trip to the Hyde Park area for a Sunday in August and I'm having trouble finding a restaurant open for lunch. It would seem that most restaurants are either closed or are only serving brunch on Sunday. So far the only "recommended" one I could find in the area is Gigi Trattoria in Rhinebeck. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Try the Culinary Institute of America.

    Gift Certificates Available

    Make your reservation now! Call 845-471-6608 for Hyde Park, NY
    restaurants or 707-967-1010 for the Wine Spectator Greystone
    Restaurant in St. Helena, CA.


    The CIA campus will be closed for break from July 4 through July 29. All public restaurants will be closed during this time. Restaurants will reopen on Wednesday, July 30.

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    1. re: phantomdoc

      Unfortunately, the CIA restaurants are closed on Sunday...

      Twist in Hyde Park, one that I usually recommend to people is also closed on Sunday. I'd say Rhinebeck would be your best bet for lunch, and besides you can always stroll around the town afterwards. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from besides Gigi.

      1. re: moosesocks

        moose - Thanks for the reply. Any other Rhinebeck recommendations?

          1. re: radioactivebetty

            betty - Terrapin looks great. I'll go after taking a peek at the farmer's market. Is the Bistro "Sunday casual" (e.g. shorts and tshirts)? Thanks for your help.

            1. re: bgut1

              You could definitely get by with casual at Terrapin on a Sunday afternoon -- not in the restaurant side but in the bar side (which has a very nice menu and good drinks). Terrapin's bar is in fact my favorite for casual but nice dining in Rhinebeck. Starr's Place is good but a little overpriced. Foster's is downscale but fun for that sort of thing -- fried everything. For a lunch, Terrapin is probably the best bet.

              1. re: adorno

                Thanks adorno. We will be doing Terrapin.

                1. re: bgut1

                  And you can always get a scoop of gelato from Bread Alone or Jane's ice cream from Village Pizza afterwards. Or Holy Cow, an old fashioned ice cream place in Red Hook in a strip mall next to Subway, about 5 minutes away from Rhinebeck, is always on the top of my list!!

                  1. re: moosesocks

                    Bread Alone is a disaster! We had a snotty waiter, and one of the managers STORMED OUT AND QUIT while we were eating!!! Not worth the effort, and their bagels are like rocks! Plenty of other options, AVOID BREAD ALONE!!! at all costs!!! You've been warned, ick!

    2. I really enjoy Terrapin in Rhinebeck. I'm pretty sure they are open for lunch.

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      1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

        Yes, the Terrapin Bistro is definitely open for lunch!

        1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

          We have also just recently tried Terrapin and really enjoyed it, but I cannot say the same for GiGi's, though it's been awhile since I've been there. We were up in that area a couple weeks ago and we wanted to try a place called Mercato in Red Hook, which I had heard good things about. But when we got there at a little before 5pm they were already booked for the evening and only had a small table out on the front porch and it was hot and humid that day so we passed. That's when we tried Terripin (glad I did). So has anyone tried Mercato? Is it worth the ride back up there?

          1. re: GIOny

            Gio, IMHO, Mercato is not worth it. After trying several times to get into this loud place, we scored reservations a week ago, I don't mind paying a premium when the experience is memorable, which this was not. Two in our party ordered ravioli. I think there were eight on a plate for almost $20. Ridiculous! Another had faro pasta with shrimp...decent. I had an appetizer of the insalata caprese allegedly made with mozzarella di bufala that had minimal flavor and a secondo of whole grilled red snapper that was heavy on the rosemary and not boned. Friends who own restaurants in Rome always bone the fish. Not here. Two bottles of water, three pasta dishes and the fish were $123.92, including tax and tip. Mercato is a scene. People dining there have an air about them, which each person in our party noticed. I will not be back. We skipped dessert and went to our favorite ice cream place in Red Hook, Holy Cow. Where else can you get a large sundae for around two bucks or a large cone for $1.40 Everyone in northern Dutchess, and from farther away, goes there.

            I am also not impressed with Gigi's, but some folks think it's the best Italian around. No way! Go south to the Village of Fishkill and try Il Barilotto. Its sister restaurant, Aroma Osteria, off Route 9 in Wappinger, is also good.

            Terrapin is one of my favorites. Great food, well-mixed drinks, good wine list, attentive service.

            1. re: timmarist

              Thanks to all for the Terrapin recommendation. We ate lunch there this afternoon following some shopping at the farmer's market and walking around downtown of Rhinebeck. Since it was a beautiful afternoon, we decided to eat lunch outside. We enjoyed the chicken wings (could have done without the small feathers left on some pieces) and two "make your own" sandwiches (she - the ahi tuna salad with wasabi aioli, avocado, tomato and smoked gouda on a brioche bun and side salad; me - sliced steak with horseradish sauce, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and smoked onions on a french baguette along with some fantastic french fries with wasabi aioli). The ahi tuna salad was probably the best tuna salad I've ever eaten while the sliced steak was excellent save for the smoked onions which were a little too smokey for me. All in all a very good lunch. I would consider returning for dinner if Rhinebeck wasn't so far away. Again much thanks.

              1. re: timmarist

                Thanks Tim for the heads up on Mercato. I've been to Il Barilotto and Aroma Osteria and have enjoyed both of them very much,although one time at Il Barilitto there was an attitude problem, but went there recently to a party and everyone was very nice. Thanks for the rec's.