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Jul 21, 2008 07:47 PM

wine stores in Union Square

looking for a place with a good selection of American, Spanish and Australian wines in the Flatiron district. Any suggestions?

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  1. Well, Moore Brothers on 20th near Broadway is a great shop in general, but I don't think they are strong at all in the countries you mention. They are also fairly pricey.

    Union Square Wines is now down on 4th Ave around 13th. They have a broader selection, with good US wines and at least decent in Spainish and Australia. Prices are not cheap, but they often run a fairly generous case discount.

    If you are willing to go a little further south on Lafayette, Astor wine is a mega-mart with a broad selection and cheap prices. They have most things, high and low end.

    A little further west, on 14th near 6th Ave is Crossroads. It is a small, confusing shop with a good staff. Some people love it, others hate it, but the selection is very good in your target areas. Prices are OK, and they run a special from time to time of 30% off wines over $30, which is great.

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      i'd recommend walking down to Astor...

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        Union Square Wines is so overpriced, it's laughable.

        Crossroads is fine, provided we're talking about a new release that's been on the shelf for two days or less. Anything older is likely heat damaged, since Crossroads cares nothing about proper storage.

        Get on the Subway and go to Chambers Street Wine downtown, or Garnet uptown, or call for local delivery.

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          I went into Union Square Wines... while they have a very impressive collection of wines the prices are shocking. Maybe it's because I live in California and cheap, good wine is almost like a birthright, but the prices took my breath away.

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            yeah, Union Sq is overpriced and i also despise their new space on 13th/4thAve: it's sterile and ugly and cramped, like a walk-in closet in a hospital...

            walk the extra 9 short blocks to Astor and you'll save money and get a far better selection

      2. Have you tried Trader Joe's?

        1. I highly recommend Bottle Rocket on 18th between 5th & 6th. They have reasonably priced, high quality wines from around the world. The store is organized in two ways, first by cuisine -If you plan on eating X then you may want to consider drinking wine Y.

          Then around the edge of the store they are organized in the more traditional fashion: by region. The staff are extremely helpful.

          I also really like Moore Brothers - Again the staff go out of their way to make sure you're comfortable with your options and help direct you to some very good wines.

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            Bottlerocket is the best! They have a well edited selection of wines and the employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. They have a great selection of wines from all region, but not an overwhelmingly huge selection.

          2. I think it depends on what you ultimately want.

            Do you really know wine and are looking for some specific type from specific wineries? Are you just looking for resonably priced wines in general? Certain wines to pair with certain foods? Is price an object?

            I happen to adore Trader Joe's for my "everyday" wine selections. They have lots of options and prices are incredibly reasonable for these types of wines.

            Astor is also terrific. I tend to head there when Im having a dinner party. More space = more variety to choose from.

            Staff at both location is helpful.

            I often walk by Bottle Rocket (my office is nearby), but have never been in. Good to know that it's a decent spot to stop!

            1. For really, really inexpensive wine, checkout Trader Joe's. In California it's a better scene, but don't rule them out completely. They have the occasional gem.