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Jul 21, 2008 07:20 PM

How clean is your stove hood ?

I have a Best K260 stove hood. There are things I can complain about like the fact that it's not it draws air from the bulbs on the hood, etc which is a bad design IMO.

However, this one has got me stumbled or maybe all hoods are like this. The height of the hood is somewhere around 5'6" AFF or something along the lines.

However, the whole front of the hood does get a little grease residue on it over time and I do the occasional wipedown during cleaning sundays. However, I saw the install of it, and I'm pretty confident all the duct seals are good *especially the one the mounts the duct to the collar of the hood*.

Does all hoods in general accumulate/get slightly greasy with use ?

I was expecting the hood to be a wonderall and draw/exhaust everything out.

Granted, I guess cooking style comes to play, but the run of the hood is extremely short so I'm pretty fine with the CFM

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  1. Even commercial hoods wind up with grease on the front exterior of the hood. That's perfectly normal. Most do not draw air around the bulbs however the heat from the bulb draws the grease and oil particles. Some bulbs can be removed from the hood and the neck of the bulb will be pretty nasty. A weekly clean with grease remover goes a long ways.

    1. I have a Viking 42" over a 36" range top so I get a little more coverage, hence the front doesn't get too greasy but I clean mine a least every couple of weeks. More often depending on what I've cooked. Some smoke and grease do get around it since the draw will not get everything and over head AC ducts will blow and redirect some of the smoke. I use Greased Lightning degreaser which does a fantastic job of quickly removing grease from most surfaces. You can not use it on aluminum without discoloring the metal.