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Jul 21, 2008 07:17 PM

San Antonio Desserts

I'm going to San Antonio for about a week and want to know if there are any great desserts there. I'm mostly a chocolate, carrot, and cheesecake guy but I'm also a fan of cookies and brownies. If there aren't any great ones, I'll just go to the Palm. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Tres Leches Cake and Flan - Azuca has great desserts and is going to open a bakery but I'm not sure when. Also Tito's has great Tres Leches Cake.

    1. Mi Tierra has a fantastic bakery, it has to be seen to be believed!!

      1. I'm the last guy in the world to recommend that someone go near the Riverwalk, but the restaurant in the new Grand Hyatt has great desserts (Mexican chocolate figuring prominently).

        Also, the arroz con leche at Cascabel patio restaurant on St. Mary's is just like grandma made.

        1. Dont know where you will be, but the chocolate dessert at Francescas at Sunset in La Cantera Westin is to die for. (the resto is pricey but also a very good meal). The view is similarily great!

          1. Has anybody tried the Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery? Is it any good and does it live up to its name?