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May 7, 2003 06:18 PM

El Michuacan popsicles

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Have been horribly, delightfully addicted to Mexican popsicles lately. Favorite flavors tend to be coconut and arroz con leche. In L.A., my favorite variety is sold by some circling vendors in East Hollywood that has a penguin on it. "Quiescently frozen."

Anyway, in Santa Barbara, having burritos at a Mexican place recommended to me from this board - not La Super Rica - (they were alright; their chile rellenos were better) - I popped into the attached market and we picked up some Mexican popsicles. These turned out to be the best Mexican popsicles I've ever had; hell, the best popsicles I've ever had. Rich, resonant flavors. Coconut was beautifully fresh coconut flavored; arroz con leche was actually just insane. We almost turned around and braved bumper-to-bumper PCH traffic just to get more.

Anyway, they were El Michuacan brand popsicles. My Mexico-lovin' girl says that everybody she hung out with in Oaxaca claimed that the best ice cream came from El Michuacan. Anyone seen this brand around L.A.?


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  1. Not familiar with El Michoacan brand, but you might find a slice of Mexican popsicle heaven much closer than Oaxaca or Santa Barbera.

    In East LA near Monterey Park border, there is a Mexican popsicle store ("paleteria") that has a lot flavors. I think it might also be a factory for them. My favorite there is the strawbery with cream flavor, perfect for blistering summer days. The name escapes me but you can't miss it. It is on North Mednik Ave between Floral and Belvedere on the west side of the street . . . anyone know the name off the top of their head?

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      Hey Ernie - would you e-mail me? This gives me an idea for something you could do for Chownews...


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      Melanie Wong

      Here's a link to the thread from last summer (and reported in SF ChowNews #26, July 5, 2002) with contact info to check local availability.


      1. Paleteria La Michoacana
        351 N Walnut Rd
        Turlock, CA 95380-9432
        Northern Calif. ? 209-632-4037
        Southern Calif. ? 626-965-6001

        1. Where was the market in Santa Barbara?

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            a late follow-up...

            i found them at SUPER CUCA'S TAQUERIA/MARKET
            626 w. micheltorena in santa barbara. arroz con leche, rompope, pina colada, coco, stawberry...they are excellent, the best paletas i've had.