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Jul 21, 2008 06:18 PM

Group of 8... short notice

Any suggestions for a good dining/cocktail spot for a group (birthday) of 8 thursday night in greater boston/cambridge? few details... half are really diners other half are really not and one is not doing any of the steak houses. nothing too casual but not really into l'espalier, clio #9 etc.... number is tough enough. please be kind in asking for MORE DETAILS

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  1. In Cambridge, maybe Chez Henri, Harvest, Upstairs on the Square, or the Elephant Walk in Harvard/Porter, Central Kitchen, Rendezvous or Green Street Grill in Central.

    In Boston, you can probably find somewhere in the North End or else try one of the restaurants in or near the big hotels and malls around Copley Square like Sasso or Vlora.

    1. All the Cambridge posts are very good choices. I'd recommend the patio at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. or Rocca's in the So. End with free parking and another great patio. Both places have menus that appeal to all tastes. Another great place in Cambridge is dante's at the Sonesta Hotel with a great view of Boston if you can get on the patio. Hope it doesn't rain on your birthday plans.

      1. The Blue Room would be another good option in Kendall

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          can chez henri accomodate a group of 8? we are going to skip the patio thing

        2. Sel de la Terre is another idea, in addition to the good ones already mentioned.