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Jul 21, 2008 06:11 PM

2 solid additions to Naples, Long Beach

Naples is a nice area for walking, parking isn't bad and people are fairly laid back. For some reason they can't keep a good restaurant. Two editions show promise.

Morry's of Naples has been there forever. Its actually a wine shop with fair prices that recently opened a wine bar ("the Backroom") with some extra space. I have yet to try any of the food but the cheese, meat and bread selection looks like it would be fine for a dinner. Only ding is that the bar is literally the back room, seems a shame to not have a view.

Morry's wines are a standout with domestic and foreign selections at very good prices. Last time I had a couple of glasses under $4 that were superb. Wife had a mixed trio of wine samplers for $9 that was very solid. Wine menu changes but has always been consistent. Staff knew their wines and service was good.

The other mention is Michael's on Naples (the old Baccus Rooftop dining place). Only one visit, but we will be back. Made it through the 6 course chef's menu and enjoyed all of it. Just a few minor problems (service) but a couple standouts - pasta dish was a squid ink pasta with clams was perfect, beef filet with salad and crostini was also very good. Im sure it will take a few visits to go through the full menu, but just reading it showed some promise. 6 course meal with pairings $100 pp.

Morry's of Naples
5764 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA

Michael's On Naples Ristorante
5620 2nd Street, Naples Island, CA 90803

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  1. yes, michael's shows real promise. i've eaten there twice: once was a Sunday brunch that was kind of "eh": really troubled service but the food was pretty good. Went back again for a weekend late dinner and sat up top on the roof and it was pretty special. had an octopus "carpaccio" that was probably one of hte best dishes i've eaten in long beach.

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      I think Michael's is a much needed addition to my beloved Long Beach. I have been meaning to post a review for some time now but seeing as I have yet to do it, (bad hound) I had to chime in here. I love Long Beach, it's my town but the restaurant situation is much in fact that we end up driving to LA when we want good food. Not that there in not okay food in the LBC but very little in the way of great food...Michael's is great.
      The last time I went I had the octopus carpaccio and I concur it was so delicate and tasty, a very fine dish and my friend had the beef carpaccio which was also delicate and tasty, a dish that is often overdone, mucked up and over sauced was done as it should be. 2nd course I had was a very simple angel hair, (a pasta I hate as it is too thin with not enough chew, but was recommended by our very good server so I went for it) with simple garlic, tomatoes and basil. Perfect size for a secondini, amazingly fresh tasting with a good bite to the pasta, lovely. My main was fantastic, simple steak, when it's fresh you dont need too much going on with a small white potato that was standing on its end and seemed to have the top cut off and was topped with some nicely browned cheese, Yum right? Well, I cut into it and egg yolk came ozzing out...oh..oh...the yolk mixed with the little pool of steak juice on my plate, sublime.
      Seriously some of the finest food I have had in Long Beach in quite some time, simple, fresh and perfectly seasoned. If you are looking for giant flavors this may not be your thing, this is a taste each flavor kinda place that you don't have to drive to LA for...although if it were in LA I would be willing to drive for that potato thingie!