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Jul 21, 2008 06:06 PM

California BBQ Pizza recipe please

I am going to make the BBQ pizza. I have everything figured out except the BBQ sauce. I was intending to doctor up a store bought one. Any suggestions on what brand to start with and what to add? Thanks

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  1. Actually, they have a cookbook out. You could also Goggle it, and I'm sure that the recipe will come up.

      1. Personally, I'd doctor ketchup rather than BBQ sauce... I do BBQ pizza with leftovers from the Americas Test Kitchen oven BBQ chicken. If you can't find the recipe for that online, let me know and I can post it.

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        1. re: cyberroo

          I would love the oven BBQ chicken recipe. Please post. Thanks.

        2. I was going to rec a BBQ sauce, but it kind of depends on what's available in your area (NYC?) and what your tastes are.

          And maybe the post above with the link tells what kind of sauce the CPK guys use, but I do have to say, making it yourself with homemade, leftover BBQ chicken, basted with whatever sauce you enjoy, is going to be, hands down, better than what they serve in the restaurants and the grocers freezer!! It just ain't that great!! My opinion, only, of course!!

          1. Just mind that you use a sauce that's not too sweet. On my first go, the sauce clashed with the cheese. Tomorrow I'll be trying KC Masterpiece original. It tastes quite smoky, so I don't think smoked cheese will be necessary.

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            1. re: Channa

              The results are in, and it was a success! KC Masterpiece original, 25% cheddar + 75% mozz, chicken, pineapple tidbits from a tin, very thin slices of red onion, then chopped cilantro after baking. (Since it had to be vegetarian, I used thawed Morningstar breaded "chicken" fingers, which baked up crispy and tasty on top of the pizza. I'm sure real chicken would be even better.)