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Jul 21, 2008 06:04 PM

Need Recs - Lunch on The Hill in STL

Need recs for lunch on The Hill in St. Louis.

Will be there for lunch on Thursday before I take the family to the Science Center for the afternoon (don't worry about the kids, they are not picky).

My wife and I are pretty easy, just want authentic St. Louis style Italian food and a decent glass of wine to go along. Don't want to spend a fortune but also realize that good food is not cheap.


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  1. We often find ourselves at Zia's before or after a trip to Forest Park. They rely heavily on provel cheese, but we like that so it's not a problem for us. I think their sandwiches are tasty. Plus, you are across the corner from Missouri Baking Company and can grab a cannoli for the road.

    You could also try the new Bartolino's on Hampton @Wilson. It's not exactly on the Hill though. The website has a coupon for $10 off/$40 purchase.

    1. I actually really like Rigazzis. It is far from gourmet, but I've never had a bad meal there. If you go, expect a more cozy atmosphere, you won't find white linen table cloths here. The prices are very reasonable too.

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        I've never heard anyone say anything good about Rigazzi's in many years of watching this board other than that they serve very large glasses of beer. Cunetto's will give you a ton of pasta for the money. Heavy on the sauce. I've enjoyed meals at Lorenzo's, although I've never eaten lunch there.

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          True, Rigazzi's isn't actually a "foodie" stop, and it's far from refined. I think those are the kinds of places that really get mentioned on here in a good light. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the more sophisticated meals just as much as the next person. But, if you're not feeling too uppity, I don't think it's all that bad. It really is more of a bar type atmosphere than a gourmet cooking kind of place, but sometimes it's nice to just kick back a little. My family and I used to go there rather frequently when I was younger, and while it has actually been a couple of years since I have been there, I can't say I have ever had a bad experience. Although, for me personally, going to Rigazzi's is probably just as much about a little bit of nostalgia as it is about the food... maybe even a little more. I have yet to eat at Cunneto's or Lorenzo's though, so maybe after doing so I will see the light, so to speak.

      2. I know I'm gonna get razzed for this, but if you want "authentic St. Louis style Italian food" you might as well go to Cunetto's. They've been there for 35 years, they're very family friendly, the food is very "old world", and the service is usually very professional. Start with the toasted raviolis (it's a St. Louis specialty). Then have one of the pasta dishes. My favorite is the Cannelloni Stuffed with Beef, Veal and Chicken topped with Creamy Red Sauce. VERY generous portions.

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        1. re: Anne

          We found a little family style place called Mama Campisi's

          Really enjoyed it. Great lunch, good portions

          1. re: Mid Michigan Dining

            I am a huge fan of Zia's as well. As for Cunetto's, the last time I was there, I was extremely disappointed. It was for dinner, not lunch, the wait was long, the restaurant tables were packed closely together, and it was loud. Service was below average. Most importantly, the food wasn't even that good. I've had better at Pasta House!

        2. I think the best food for the lunch dollar on the Hill has to be Lorenzos. Not the cheapest place on the Hill, but not bad for lunch. Their salad, pizzas and pastas are all great. They have some lunch entree's also including a good chicken florentine. It's on the corner of Daggett and Edwards, across from Volpi and a block away from Missouri Baking. They have some good wines by the glass also.

          I hate to say it, but I am not a fan of Rigazzi's.

          Gotta eat.

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            I had lunch at Lorenzo's last week and it was quite good. Since it wasn't too hot that day, we ate outside at one of the sidewalk tables. As Greggold said, they have a nice selection of wines by the glass.

            I also like Zia's. But I usually end up for lunch at Adriana's, the sandwich and pasta place on Shaw just east of Viviano's grocery.