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Jul 21, 2008 06:03 PM

Mission Impossible: Rez for 16 in 2 days

Yes, I was harnessed with the ridiculous obligation to find a good restaurant, preferably Italian, for a group of 16 on Wednesday night at a reasonable (~8:30) time.

Not sure if it is possible.

Can anyone suggest where I even begin to start to call? I was thinking Crispo, possibly Pepolino in Tribeca. Tried to get a rez at Lupa (yeah, I know, no chance), but they have set menus for large groups, and I have a couple friends with food allergies so would rather people be able to pick.

At this point, open to options outside of Italian, as long as it's not Cuban / Mexican / S American foods.

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  1. Try Il Giglio in Tribeca...slightly pricier than Pepolina, but not too bad if you stay away from specials containing truffles.

    1. Try Marchi's. It's a set menu, but as they prepare the same set menu every day, they know their ingredients and your food allergic friends can check what is in everything. It's retro and but really pretty good and they have large rooms. Really something different.

      1. Perhaps Otto? FYI: they have a side room where they sometimes put large parties/overflow. I'm not sure if this is a deal-breaker for you. As far as Crispo, they should have room for you on a Wednesday, but I would ask them if they require a set menu for a party as large as yours.

        1. I think Crispo would be a crowd pleaser, and they have enough seats that they may be able to accomodate. I also agree w/vvvindaloo on Otto, although it might be too late.

          1. Try Alta. Get the whole shebang (= the entire menu) and afterwards get a second serving of whatever everybody liked.

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