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Jul 21, 2008 05:28 PM

Preferred packaged pita?

When possible, I try to find local fresh pita from a restaraunt or middle eastern market.
Do any of you have a preferred packaged pita from places like Andronicos, Trader Joes or Whole Foods that tastes reasonably good and somewhat fresh?

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  1. The Chron did one of their Taster's Choice panels on whole wheat pita just last week and for what it's worth, Sara Lee won. I like the brand that's sold at my local natural grocery, but I can't remember what it is. It's better than TJ's (although also more expensive), so TJ's is clearly not the answer.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I think I often get the second runner up in this taste-test, Middle East's whole wheat. I know the packaging better than the name! It's a clear bag with a brown and white label. At any rate, I like it better than TJ's, too. The first time I bought it, it was because it had the shortest ingredient list and was made close by. You can get it at Safeway.

    2. I will repeat the answer I gave you 11 days ago. Did you try it and not like it or is it not near enough to you.

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        Wolfe I appreciate your response on the previous board. I live in Palo Alto. San Bruno is a bit too far and Albany is in the east bay. Some day I hope to try the pita at that San Bruno pizzeria, but for Hummus I like a plain pita and sometimes I just need to pick something up at a supermarket for convenience.
        Thanks for recommendations

      2. For fresh pita, head to your nearest halal market and find a bag that's still warm. I think the place I go is River Nile Market but it might be Oakland Halal (they're right next door to each other).

        1. Another vote for Hamati Bread out of San Bruno. I get it in the city from Parkside Market on Taraval. They have a good round up of pita, and as I've previously reported, the Hamati is by far the best.

          In my book the best pita is on the thicker side, so if I must eat the supermarket brands I'd pick Thomas Sahara pita because the texture is at least right,and it holds together. The Whole Wheat variation helps get away from the slightly white bread flavor. To me a whole wheat pita is like a sundried tomato tortilla, so I prefer to get the regular, and just compensate the flavor with toppings. Also, if you're worried about freshness, you can always revive good pita by heating it. Likewise, if your pita is dull, and you're eating it with a spread, you can add olive oil, and paprika.