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Jul 21, 2008 05:21 PM

Paso Robles Dining

I'm heading up to Paso in a few weeks. On previous visits within the last 2 years, I've eaten at Artisan, Bistro Laurent, Villa Creek and McPhee's. I've enjoyed all of them, although feel compelled to mention that on my visit last fall, I felt that McPhee's was a bit disappointing as compared to the two times I'd been there before (namely, prices had gone up and the quality - at least the meal we ate - had gone down). I'm curious if any 'hounds have been to either of the Matthew's restaurants, and if so, what people think. Or let me know if there are other finer dining options in Paso I've missed besides the ones already mentioned. Thanks!

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  1. I've been to the Matthew's downtown. Good stuff.

    1. Matthew's is hit and miss at both locations. I go way back with Matthew from his Busi's on the Park days, and unfortunately the service at both of his namesake restaurants suck. I have been to the airport restaurant several times. One Valentine's day we had an awesome meal, but of course we waited a SUPER long time. The next time we visited, a few months later, we had the lobster cheesecake or something (starter) and it came out burnt and over-salted. Although, I am usually not one to complain, we did. Even though we didn't eat it, we were still charged for it. I had a great meal last spring with my sisters at his downtown location and it was fabulous. The last two times we went, the food and service were a huge disappointment. I have not been back since my husband ordered a $28. lasagna that came out with big chunks of ground beef and the cheese was not melted I could have prepared a lasagna meal for 10 for the same price, and much better quality. In short, don't waste your time. At the most, sit at the bar and paly it by ear with an appetizer and a glass of wine. I would recommend Gaetano's, Buona Tavola, Bernick's, and, if you like wine the tapas nights (Fridays and Saturdays) at Panolivo. Of course, you could always go back to Bistro Laurent, I guarantee you will not be disappointed....

      1. I've only had lunch at Matthew's downtown that was so bad that I've never gone back.

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          The sad thing about that is that Matthew is a very talented chef. I think he really just needs a good manager. Maybe we should try to get him on Kitchen Nightmares??

        2. I went to Matthew's about 6 months ago and would not go back. The service was friendly and the menu seemed interesting, but execution was lacking. Everything was heavy and unablanced. The restaurant at the Justin winery is amazing (both in terms of food and service) but also very pricey -- a great place to celebrate something.

          1. Buona Tavola is amazing